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Session 3: First Blood

Date: November 17th, 2021 @ 21:00 CT

Audio: MP3


(Recap for Session 4)

Triggered by the presence of a sudden bright light source, three stirges emerged from the blood caked holes in the floor of Cauldin's Tomb. But, this was probably a mistake on their part as they were killed off almost instantly.

After the swift battle, they continued exploring the tomb. Tiran was unable to see anything specific down the hole he lowered the light into, but noticed that the hole was caked with old blood. Finally, the remaining chest was opened revealing some of Cauldin of Leikon's personal items: a journal, sketches, and a pouch of coins. Pasha took the journal and the sketches, but left the coins behind.

While initially hesitant to disturb anything in the tomb, Tiran helped Sah-Sauj open Cauldin's sarcophagus. When they did, Cauldin's body disintegrated due to exposure to air and light, but his sword remained behind. Tiran, seeing the craftsmanship and potential magic powers within the sword, swiped it and brought it with him.

In order to maintain a low profile, they restored the tomb into its original state - or as close as possible - and left to go back to the inn and caught up on a few more hours of sleep.

In the morning, during breakfast in the common hall, Rhea and a big fancy Orc were talking. When she noticed Pasha and Sah-Sauj, she pointed them out to the Orc, who introduced himself as Borlok. He asked them to come over to the mansion in the afternoon to talk to Dauriel.

Wolf also came down and, after breakfast, went with Pasha to the market square where they met the town's constable, Toddwyn "Maniac" Marshall. The constable promised Wolf that he'd investigate the theft of the cigars, even though he was smoking one of them himself.

Meanwhile, Sah-Sauj tried to wake Tiran, but found that he'd been up all night creating a beautiful scabbard for his new sword. Gadot did sleep and was doing his morning calisthenics, but when trying to show off his moves, bashed his head into a side table.

After Wolf sold cigars to Jonah Jr., and noticed a strange statue tucked away between some bottles in a cupboard, they all met up in their private room and decided to go to Dauriel's place.

After quick walk through town, they arrived at the front door where Borlok welcomed them inside.

DM: Touch Points

Open with initiative as 4 stirges appear from the hole.

In the morning, Borlok Orsell appears at Jonah's Denn, talking with Rhea. He seems angry and upset. After talking to Rhea, he will go to the party and invite them all up to the mansion in the afternoon for a pre-party chat.

If Wolf wants to find the constable, he will find Maniac in the market square smoking one of his cigars. Maniac will say he'll look into the highwaymen, but it's pretty obvious that he's in on at least part of the spoils.

They can also get pickpocketed by Mike Truk here and eventually meet Hurq.