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Slay, Inc. Session 4

Date: July 6th, 2022 @ 21:00 CT

Audio: None yet.


After escaping from the dungeon by sticking your goblin in a portable hole, a massive audience of thousands of people cheered you on in what seemed to be an enormous arena. It became clear that you were part of an orchestrated contest of some kind, one that kills its contestants.

On returning to your locker room, Yil Romka visited and answered your questions with a reassuring smile and plenty of lies. Once he left, you popped your goblin from its hole and debated its fate. Meanwhile, a healer entered and fixed up your combat wounds. However, she noticed your goblin right out in the open. Instead of screaming for help or ratting you out, she offered assistance in finding the truth. She told you to meet her at the Eastern temple of Urlac in the place where there's a sign of life where all else is dead.

Eventually, you head out into the city for the first time and without supervision. With the goblin back in his hole, you walked to the Eastern gate, where you released him back into the wild as stealthy as possible. As stealthy as Spinny managed, at least. After a tearful goodbye, Lyle cast invisibility on the goblin, which was the last time you saw him.

Next, you visited the temple where you found four mausoleums, one marked with the name Arts, Beaton H., a sign of life where all else is dead. However, the gate to the mausoleum was locked. With a twirl and a flourish, Sir Reginald Featherbottom III made his way onto the roof and inside through an air vent. He unlocked the door from the inside, and eventually (after many strength checks), the slab was pushed off the sarcophagus, revealing a staircase leading down.

Once down the narrow staircase, you came upon a heavy wooden door. When you knocked, a panel slid aside, and an Orcish voice prompted you with a riddle.

You only get me once and I'm too easily lost.
I'm often taken for granted, though I can't be replaced.
Some abandon me on purpose, while others want me longer than possible.
What am I?

After some thought, Lyle answered, "life," and the door swung open. Behind the door, a chamber revealed itself, and within it was the healer who asked you to come here. She explained that she dedicated her life to stopping the government-run games. She believes the games are a front for something more sinister, though she doesn't know exactly what. Though, she thinks that it may have something to do with the devout worship of Urlac and the conspicuous lack of war in Silubria while the continent remains bloodsoaked.

And here, in the ground underneath an abandoned temple, is where we left off.