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🔐 The Assaulted Halfling


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

This sidequest is specific to the Braving Bhreia campaign and a consequence of RP decisions made.

Assaulted Halfling

The plump male Halfling who Wolf assaulted is named Burron Piquette (boo-ron pee-ket).

However, it turns out that:

  • The paperwork for Ramona that he present is forged
    • The magistrate will inspect it, DC 17
  • He's using a fake name, his real name is Jerry Wicket
  • He's wanted for embezzlement in Kleftmon
  • He has a small camp (see Burron's Camp below) set up East of Cauldin's Point
  • His ex business partner is there, running his camp
    • Jim Copperfinger, "businessman," former cheese salesman
    • Jerry Wicket was his bookkeeper until he stole all of his money. He chased him down and impressed with his cunning, started various schemes to grift money from marks.

Halfling will have Weslan Stillwater with him and a few AU bruisers. Weslan seems disappointed when the Halfling points them out.

He will ask the group to come with him peacefully and they will go to court in front of the provincial magistrate who will hear the halfling's complaint.

The Charges

Against Wolf:

  • Assault and Battery: The cigar extinguished upon the halfling's forehead. The halfling will push for aggravated battery and says he's permanently disfigured.
  • Robbery: The giant goat
  • Vandalism: The destruction of the halter and bridles


Both witnesses were part of the tour that Burron was giving when Wolf assaulted him.

  • Filpon Gymon: Male gnome, visiting from Garrenor. Soft spoken like Milton Waddams, easily intimidated.
  • Lisbeth Liszt: Female human, visiting from Donitar. She's higher class and is appalled by what she saw.


  • Burron Piquette will accept a settlement of no less than 800 gp, which he says covers the gold and the ongoing medical treatment he needs.
  • The magistate will also accept 500 gp in damages and community service.
  • If they don't have the cash, Wolf will go to prison.

The Trial

The magistate has a permanent setup in a large tent near Weslan's tent. Upon entering, they can see him seated behind a large desk and surrounded by books. His name is The Honorable Fynnwick of Herrenfort.

Behind him stands a strong looking Leonin guard named Kirenka wearing a partial Aldarion Unlimited uniform and carrying an enormous greataxe. He doesn't speak, but the magistrate will tell them it's his helper.. and also executioner.

He will inform them of the charges laid against Wolf and that they will receive the opportunity to prove their innocence to him (this is not a democracy). They will be able to call witnesses and present evidence. One of them needs to be the defense counsel and present their defense, but everyone can help and jump in.

Hey says the process is fairly informal given the circumstances.

They will get half a day to prepare their defense, but Wolf has to stay in the camp due to the severity of the charges.

PREP TIME - Free roam

Weslan will go to bat for them, saying he knows Phillipe and Malachi, but Londrina won't and be a character witness against them.

They will need to be very convincing if they want to get away with any of this unscathed.

Burron's Camp

Burron's camp is home to a total of 7 bandits, and Jim Copperfinger, the leader of the bunch.

  • A stash of 350 gp DC 15 Investigation
  • Random simple weapons
  • 2 horses and the wagon that Burron used for his tours


Among them is 🔐 Captain Freeney, down on his luck, drunk, and depressed after having lost his son. He will recognize the group and refuse to fight them. If he's one of the only ones left, he will help kill his fellow camp members to save his own hide. Well, maybe for some drink.

Jim's Tent

In Jim's tent is a wanted poster, showing the likenesses of him as well as Burron. They're wanted (dead or alive, 500 gp each) in Kleftmon for the murder of Lady Willow Gillette, an elderly socialite woman whom they extorted for years and killed when the well ran dry. They couldn't leave behind any loose ends. Both Gadot J'Dogeaux and Tiran Medeid will recognize the name as belonging to an influential family in Kleftmon with a DC 12 History check


If Wolf doesn't go to the trial and instead runs, he will be outlawed. The state will hire two investigators to make his life and the lives of the rest of the group a pain. They will follow them everywhere until they capture Wolf and put him in jail.

The Investigators

The first investigator is an unknown to the party, A Yuan-Ti mind whisperer named Inquisitor Ryssha.

The second is Kirenka, the magistrate's Leonin guard. His stats are that of a berserker.

On Inquisitor Ryssha they can find a copy of his orders to take out Wolf:


As ordered by The Honorable Fynnwick of Herrenfort, Magistrate of the Kingdom of Korbantir:

Inquisitor Ryssha, an independent contractor in service of the Kingdom of Korbantir, is granted special temporary permissions by the state in pursuit of capturing or killing the outlaw called "Wolf." These special permissions apply to capturing the outlaw as well as any accomplices, and include: free travel (reimbursed through tax rebates), enhanced interrogation of suspects, capture and restraint of suspects, and the use of lethal force if necessary.

The Honorable Fynnwick of Herrenfort

Wanted Poster (Wolf)

In the days and weeks after fleeing from the law, wanted posters will appear throughout the kingdom, listing his crimes and a reward of up to 2,500 gold pieces leading to the capture or death of Wolf.

It also portrays a rough likeness of him.

  • Assault and Battery
  • Robbery
  • Vandalism
  • Contempt of Court