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Session 24

Date: Thursday, September 22, 2022 @ 9:00 PM CT

Audio: MP3 (2h 36m, 150MB)

Tiran was hard at work restoring Clank at the abandoned smithy. While going through the robot's innards, he found a disk with words written on it in a strange language. The disk looked very similar to the disk that he inserted into Clank before.

Meanwhile, Wolf followed the chickens into town where he caught up with one behind the inn. He grabbed it, inspected its wild looks, and the creature began its attack.

Inside the inn, Pasha and Sah-Sauj were awoken by loud crashing noises somewhere downstairs. Pasha jumped out of bed and woke Sebastian and Gadot. The whole group went downstairs where there was barely any light, but crazed chickens roamed and attacked.

But you fought back.

The chickens put up a brave fight, and for a moment, it looked like Wolf would become petrified. Yet in the end, the evil creatures were defeated.

Or were they?

During the fight, some noises were heard from the kid's museum. When Sah-Sauj inspected the place after the battle, the kid was petrified and the dragon statue was missing. The owner of the inn, Garacan was also petrified and laying on the floor behind the bar.

Garacan's wife was beside herself, but an old Tiefling adventurer said that he could help her out with her problem... for a price.

Sah-Sauj followed a trail of slime leading out of a hatched egg in the museum and Wolf picked up the continuation of the trail, leading out of the town. Everybody except Tiran followed it, who stayed behind to continue his repair of Clank at the smithy.

The rest of the group followed the hatchling's trail, which lead into the swamp towards an alligator farm from which a smell of rotting meat emanated as you approached.

And that's where we left off.