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🔐 Cauldin's Point Crater

Cauldin's Point Crater

Where the town used to be.

Where Cauldin's Point used to be before the conclusion of Dauriel's Mansion.

The entire town has disappeared, around a thousand souls are dead or missing.

In the south-west along the edge of the ancient forest, a Survivors Camp has been set up to house those unfortunate enough to be caught up in any of the destruction.

Approaching the Crater

When approaching the crater for the first time.


Piles of rubble emerge from the calm surface of the water that fills the crater before you. One of the oldest and most historically significant places of this country now lies broken at the bottom of water filled hole, overgrowing with plantlife which thrives in this age of perpetual sunshine.

During his ascension through the bowels of the town, Amalchi made a point of making an example of those who dared to exist in his path. Innocent or guilty, old or young, more than a thousands souls were lost here on that day one year ago.

But, signs of life remain. In the south-west, against the edge of the ancient forest you see plumes of smoke trail into the bright sky and outlines of some sort of settlement.


Population estimates:

  • Within town limits: 0
  • Transitory (including the camp): 150
  • Surrounding region: 45
  • Total: 295