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🔐 Leca Zan

Scout, MM pg. 349.

Leca is a 23-year-old female Tiefling. She has long curly black hair and is a hunter by trade. She has a knee-high blonde hunting dog named Cricket.

Leca is originally from Dorr where she grew up in high society. Wanting a different life, one closer to nature (and fewer Tieflings), she left on the first ship leaving the harbor and ended up in Korbantir three years ago and became a hunter. It's been tough for her to get used to living independently, but after finding Wolf's cabin, things got a bit easier.

However, while she was in Crabpot, she was down on her luck and had to resort to stealing food. While trying to take some crabs for her and Cricket to eat, the fisherman noticed and chased her down. He cornered her in a dead-end alley. She handed him the crab back, apologizing, but now he had his eyes on her.

He forced himself onto her, subduing her until Cricket came from behind and bit the man's throat. He stumbled backward and collapsed onto the ground, blood spraying from his neck. Leca ran as fast as she could through a busy fish market, covered in the man's blood. Later, she learned that the man died there, and she's currently wanted for his murder. She isn't safe anywhere.