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🔐 Ironstone Forge


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

Ironstone Forge

One of the forge's buildings in active use. The Ironstone House is in the background on the right hand side.

On the way there for the first time, 🔐 Forlorn Freeney will trigger.


The forge spans a six acre plot, comprising of twelve buildings in total:

  • The Ironstone House, a small two story building with a lean-to
  • 3 Storage buildings for materials, completed goods, etc.
  • 1 cafeteria building for workers
  • 7 forges, each with two furnaces

Flavor Text

View from old Mendunon Trail

You can see a dark billowing smoke plum rise above the tree tops. The smell of burning coal pervades the air here. A few more minutes down the road, you can see the black cast iron gate to the forge. Through it, the buildings of the forge stand in the distance. A thick metal chain holds the gate doors shut and a painted wooden sign proclaims:

Closed for private business. No trespassing.

Once the adventurers trespass:

Entering the Property

You count twelve buildings in total. Some appear to be forges, others storage buildings, a single two story home, and several other buildings you can't identify without getting closer. They all seem to be overgrowing with a variety of climbing plants, and their appearance betrays their disuse. All of them, except for one. A single forge spits out a thick black column of smoke. Its doors stand wide open, and you can see the glow of a fire from within.

Then show the handout of the forge building.

Inside the Forge

A tall woman stands holding a curved iron implement, trying to affix it to what seems to be an incomplete time keeping device. Her reddish brown hair is untidy and streaked with white locks. Toned muscles ripple as she tensions the implement to a pinion on the device. Her eyes dart over to you and she startles when she sees you enter.

When she sees Tiran or Gadot, she will approach and hug them immediately, crying tears of joy. They catch up.

Agorius Enters

From the attached storage room, a spindly man appears with jet black hair and a beard that reaches halfway down his chest. His hands are heavily encrusted with pieces of obsidian, the telltale signs of a close encounter with Amalchi, like so many during the disaster. Even though he walks with difficulty, as if he's wounded, he seems to carry with him a certain air of distinction.

"Oh, Agorius," Sophia exclaims when she sees him enter. "My son and his friends are alive!"

Agorius has a surprised look on his face, then smiles. "Oh, how wonderful," he says. "You, the tall boy must be Sophia's son Tiran."

He goes to shake Tiran's hand.

Sophia explains that Agorius has been helping her infuse the time keeping devices with the magic it needs to operate. They can get a sense that maybe there's a bit more going on here as well. Though not yet fully romantic, there's an attraction between the two coworkers.

She will invite them all to the house where they can relax and have some food. She invites Agorius along as well, but he declines, saying that he's tired.

He asks the group to not disturbe him at night because he's a very bad sleeper. Agorius will hobble off to the cafeteria where he's set up his bed so he can get some rest. In reality, his spell disguise self spell will wear off soon and he needs to be out of sight. He also can't maintain the spell while he's asleep.

Ironstone House

It's a two bedroom house, with two stories. There's a small vegetable garden outside, which yields enough to grow food for a small family.

First Floor

  • Dining / living room
    • Dining table, 6 chairs
    • A pile of technical drawings of the time keeping device
    • Dresser with china and silverware
    • A fireplace
      • A piece of heavy glass tubing sits on the mantle 3️⃣
      • They can see a discolored spot on the wall where a picture was removed 1️⃣
  • Kitchen
    • Cupboards filled with kitchen tools etc.
    • A wood burning stove
  • Hanlar's Office
    • Sophia doesn't like coming in here unless she has to, she will offer it as a place to sleep for one of the adventurers
    • A writing desk with stationery and wooden chair
    • A small book case with random books
    • A wall filled with ledgers going all the way back to the forge's founding
    • A box of old cigars, two bottles of wine
      • One of the cigars is a metal tube containing the key to the chest
    • A giant wooden chest, locked and secured with thick iron straps 2️⃣
    • A framed newspaper clipping
  • Pantry
    • Stocked with food
  • Washing area (located under the lean-to)
    • A metal bathtub
    • Small tub for washing clothes

Second Floor

  • Master bedroom
    • A closet with Sophia and Hanlar's clothes
    • A queen sized bed
  • Guest bedroom (Sophia's childhood room)
    • A full sized bed (uncomfortably can fit 2)

Mini quests

There are a few mini quests that can be completed while staying here.

1️⃣ Missing Picture

This is a long term quest that can't be solved on the premises.

  • Sophia will reveal it was a portrait of her parents and her as a child
  • It was taken as a trophy by Phidippus when he owned the forge
  • It can be found in 🔐 Phidippus' tower

2️⃣ The key to the chest is missing

  • Sophia doesn't know what's in it, she can't find the key and hasn't had time to fidget with the lock.
  • The lock is well designed and of a unique design. Only a skilled thief could stand a chance picking it.
  • DC 20 DEX + thieves tools to open
  • OR find the key in Hanlar's office
  • Contains:

3️⃣ Glass tubing

When Sophia inspected the property after buying it back, much of it was in a bad state of disrepair. However, she noticed that one of the forge buildings had been converted to produce glass. She found pieces of bent glass tube, glass blowing equipment, and a large machine with rollers and a bellows on one end. An inspection will lead them to show that this is the same glass tubing that they saw during Amalchi's rise, leading into Moreus' body.

Cafeteria Building

It's a large hall, filled with stationary benches designed for feeding the forge's staff.

Phidippus has made his home here and sleeps on a mattress near the door. He has found some spare furniture around the place and made a small home here for himself.

There's a kitchen designed to provide meals for a large group of people. However, it seems to be devoid of kitchen implements and stoves. It is mostly empty except for some tables. Sophia had to sell this stuff to pay for bills and keep her time keeping device construction going.

Phidippus' stash:

  • A component pouch for spells
  • A blue cloak and golden dagger
  • A golden necklace with the initials H&I inscribed upon it, which he took off Hanlar's corpse after he killed him
  • A chunk of obsidian created by 🔐 Amalchi



The Ironstone Forge was founded in 2934 by the first Hanlar Ironstone and subsequently inherited and operated by further Hanlars.

See: Hanlar Ironstone for details.

Acquisition by Phidippus

After having killed Hanlar Ironstone, 🔐 Phidippus enjoyed watching the generational business fall apart in a matter of weeks. Orders went unfulfilled, taxes went unpaid, and after no heirs claimed the property and debts, Phidippus found himself able to buy the property for next to nothing.

Here, he inexpertly ran the construction projects required to raise 🔐 Amalchi, including the glass tubes that fed blood into Moreus' body from a reservoir underneat Cauldin's Tomb.

Ironstone Reacquisition

🔐 Phidippus went missing after the destruction of Cauldin's Point and after a few months had gone by of missing his payments, the bank put the place up for sale. While Tiran Medeid was missing, and after traveling to Cauldin's Point, his parents 🔐 Sophia Medeid and 🔐 Malachi Medeid have purchased the Ironstone Forge.

They began manufacturing time keeping devices while the sun is static in the sky. One of these can be found in the Survivors Camp. The forge is currently solely run by 🔐 Sophia Medeid while 🔐 Malachi Medeid is abroad (see his page for details). She's helped by Agorius, who infuses the time keeping devices with the magic they need in order to operate.