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🔐 Slay, Inc. Plan: Session 1


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!


After a rough week at sea, the loud call of "Land Ho!" wakes you early in the morning. As you climb onto the deck above, you see the sun rise over the horizon, and beyond, a dark speck upon the water. Land.

Behind you, Captain Codrick "The Cod" Benze of the cargo ship The Bitter Pill closes the door to his private cabin. The sea wind smooths his graying Cuniko fur and exposes a wide toothy grin.

"Aaah," he says, "didn't I tell ye I'd get ye there?"

His crew cheers loudly and begin their preparation for landfall. You look around and see your compatriots standing on the deck with you.

  • Nate
  • James
  • Mike
  • Anjelica


After a final hour of sailing, the dark speck on the horizon has grown into a mountain. On its summit, between the clouds you can see the faint outlines of a city. And as the wind blows a cloud in front of it, it's gone again.

But nestled within the foothills and much more prominent lies the capital city of Sarapum, glowing in the new sunlight. The polished silver roofs of the palace's many towers glint brightly; a beacon to any traveler on the high seas. Behind the palace, a hulking round structure protrudes from the mountain's rock face, you're not quite sure what it is, but it dwarves the palace below it. Never before have you seen a city so magnificent and awe inspiring.

But, that's not where you're going.

Miles below the capital, you see your destination. And as you approach, the many docks at the port city of Arjuna come into focus. The only place in Silubria open to foreigners. That is, foreigners without an invitation.

"We're docking at the cargo port," The Cod bellows out. "Should be fine for travelers too... Probably."

Alongside you, a larger ship moves in the same direction and quickly overtakes The Bitter Pill. Tied to the decks with metal chains are a variety of wooden crates. The chains rattle as the ship bounces on the waves. On its stern, the ship flies the royal banner of Silubria and docks minutes before you do.

As The Bitter Pill pulls into dock, workers are already busy unloading the other ship with wooden cranes.

"We're here," The Cod exclaims, and as the ship is moored, he is the first to walk down the gangway onto the wooden docks. "Get out yer paperwork. These Silubrians don't fuck around."

  • The other ship
    • DC 15 Perception reveals the crates moving, shaking
    • DC 18 Perception reveals royal stamps on the crates
  • On the docks, they need to go through customs
    • Present papers
    • Check iron bangles
    • Get their Blue Shields
    • Directions to the capital
    • Report to the palace
    • They call for a coach
    • Customs tells them that the coach will take them there immediately
  • Once through customs, one of the big crates on the other ship breaks open
    • A Bulette comes out, still partially wrapped in chains, and begins attacking everything in sight
    • Initiative