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Moreus Aldarion

Portrait of Moreus.

Moreus is the husband of Dauriel Aldarion.

DM: Supplemental Facts

Moreus is the corporeal vessel to the primordial deity 🔐 Amalchi and the husband of Dauriel Aldarion.


See also: 🔐 Amalchi.

Born in 3009, Moreus was a worshipper in the Cult of Amalchi and chosen to become the vessel in which the deity could gestate and take a corporeal form. In 3044, this happened in the catacombs beneath Cauldin's Point and Moreus' identity was erased and replaced with that of Amalchi.

See Act 1: Dauriel vs Amalchi for the continuation.

DM: Stats

Moreus is a Commoner, he doesn't carry weapons.