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🔐 Grandpa's Boy


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

On the road, outside of Cauldin's Point, the adventurers can rest at Grandpa Lenny's place. When they see him for the first time, he's tending a field with his little grandson named Peter, who is obviously a goblin. Grandpa Lenny thinks that this goblin is his grandson, his eyesight isn't very good, you see?

  • If confronted, he denies that it's true.
  • If the goblin is killed, he (roll d20):
    • 1-10: He attacks
    • 11-20: He dies of a heart attack

Grandpa Lenny is a 1 HP minion and only makes unarmed strikes.

Grandpa Lenny allows the party to sleep in the hayloft since he doesn't have room in his house except for him and his grandson. The party can find the skeleton of the grandson hidden in the hayloft.

If the goblin is confronted, he will confirm (only if Grandpa Lenny is not around) that years ago he and his partner were going to raid Grandpa Lenny's farm. They accidentally killed the grandson, and upon seeing how nice Grandpa Lenny was, the goblin took his place.

The goblin won't tell the party his real name and only answers to the grandson's name, "Peter."