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Adventure Hooks


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

It is possible to combine or even run all of these hooks simultaneously.

An Invitation (Default Hook)


Use this hook if the players agree to having known Dauriel Aldarion in some way, significant or in passing. They would have to incorporate into their bio a reason why Dauriel would be interested in them.

The adventurers receive invitations to Dauriel’s 462nd birthday party. Dauriel is a retired adventurer, an elf, grown rich off his very successful exploits and settled down to live out the remainder of his life with his husband in Cauldin’s Point.

Outside of Town

Intro Blurb:

Somewhere in this fractured world where the rain doesn't seem to stop.
On some dirt road hollowed by endless cartwheels and dragging feet.
Somewhere here, at the center of it all, another traveler leaves their mark.

They're on their way to Cauldin's Point to find something new.
Or maybe they're leaving behind something old.
Time will tell.

Here you are PLAYER. In the rain, on this muddy road.
What are you doing?

Ahead, through the pouring rain, they can make out the outline of the wooden walls surrounding Cauldin's Point and the light and chimney smoke from an inn on the left side of the road, right outside of town.

Arriving at the Inn

The adventurers arrive the evening before at the inn right outside the town of Cauldin’s Point, where Dauriel’s mansion is located. Upon showing the invitation, their host takes them to a backroom reserved by Dauriel Aldarion where they can all meet up.

Once situated, a Satyr bard knocks on the door and enters. He says his name is Aduac, which is the reverse of Cauda. He offers them a song on his lyre, he says he's not much of a talker. If they agree to hear it, they hear the following tune:

The Age was young, but the evening grew long,
and the wayfarers warmed by the fire.
Though far from home, weary, and restless,
their hearts yearned for what they desired.

Was their voyage foretold? Could the fates be this bold?
Or is chaos all that they see?
The time did seem right, though try as I might,
For this Lot I found no prophecies.

But the Age was young and the morning did call,
and the wayfarers warmed by the fire.
Their fortunes called, and now fully rested,
set out to fulfill their desires.

As the song finishes, another knock is heard on the door the adventurers entered through. It's the host, and he asks if they need anything. When they turn around, the Satyr is gone and the door he came in through never existed, the host will confirm.

A Business Opportunity (Optional Hook)


Use this if any of the characters have worked with Dauriel before or if he sees potential in them as an adventuring guild.

Dauriel, having gone into retirement and given over the reigns of his company to his successor does not like the way his old company is currently being run. Though he's still an advisor to the company, his advice is ignored completely. He does not appreciate his name being associated with the company's behavior.

A few years ago, he wrote a book (Aldarion Unlimited: Adventurers or Colonizers?) criticizing the way the company is run, and published it anonymously. While this opened up some lines of inquiry into the company by authorities, nothing was done.

Dauriel has become so pissed off with all of this that he wants to start a new adventuring company, but because of contractual obligations, can't be publicly associated with it. He wants to bankroll and provide tools to a group of adventurers who can then make a name for themselves and bring back the "good old days" of adventuring. He wants to live vicariously through them, but doesn't say it in so many words. Retirement has not been kind to him.

Dauriel calls the adventurers into his office the afternoon before the party and breaches the subject to them. This is the reason why he, a man of means and influence, has sent invites to fairly low level people. He wants to run this operation from scratch. If they accept his terms, they can show up to the party later that night and the main plotline engages the same as before.

The adventure cue that he gives them:

Dauriel's Cue

Atrocities against the Tabaxi in Marram must be investigated and uncovered. Evidence must be collected, presented, and subsequently Aldarion Unlimited must be stopped from continuing as an entity. I implore you to set sail from Korban's Landing to Rivoni Springs. From there, travel through The Passage along the East Coast of TaΓ―ni all the way north to Marram. My informant tells me of an Aldarion Unlimited outpost west of Beteb where the hunts are being staged. After my birthday party, I will provide you with the funding and connections required to make this work.

If accepted, the party can spend an hour traveling west to Dauriel's original adventuring headquarters, now abandoned, which they can take over. Here they can find a map of Marram, left there by Dauriel ages ago. Here they can stay indefinitely and outside of Cauldin's Point.

If not accepted, the party can spend the day in town to get some supplies, establish background, and RP β€” or skip straight to the birthday party.

Busting Ghosts (Optional Hook)


Use this if your characters are simply staying the night at Jonah's Denn while passing through the region.

Staying at Jonah's Denn triggers the πŸ” Ghosts Eat Ghosts side-quest, which upon completion may draw the attention of Dauriel Aldarion. He will then present them with invitations, which would trigger the default hook. Staying at the inn may also present hints of Amalchi, which could lead in a roundabout way to Dauriel Aldarion.