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Aldarion Adventurers

Aldarion Adventurers was the first name for the group that eventually became the company Aldarion Unlimited. They were πŸ” AU's Original HQ an hour west of Cauldin's Point.

DM: Supplemental Facts

Its final composition was:

  • Dauriel Aldarion, male Elf from Darvia, founder, leader, wizard.
  • Tambo Rong, male Half-Orc from Yersh, fighter, brute force and meat shield.
  • Amtiri Xi, female Human cleric from TaΓ―ni.
  • Silver Twilight, female Tabaxi from Marram, paladin.
  • Grinta, female Goblin rogue thief.

Notable former members:

  • Kvint Bernon, was Dauriel's right hand man before he took on the responsibility of running his own group of Aldarion adventurers.