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Paxalon "Pasha" Yaraxil

Paxalon "Pasha" Yaraxil

Pasha's token in Foundry.

Campaign: Braving Bhreia

Played By: James

Bio written by James.

Bronze Dragonborn Storm Sorcerer from Western Finippicay.

After leaving Finippicay heading north, he first landed in Mirini. He picked up a few Halfling curse words while working the docks for spare coin while he experienced a new and different culture for a time. It was working these docs where he met Dauriel; catching his eye by using some simple magic to make the job easier. After no more than six months in Miniri, it was time to set sail again. Wanting to avoid the hubbub of a traveler's port, he joined a crabbing ship on it's return to Crabpot, where he again ran into Dauriel. It was here that he spent his days working until he received the invitation.

A ship flying the Aldarion Unlimited colors was seen summoning some ancient force within the Pale Barrens. It's arrival obliterated everything in the vicinity, including the summoners, with a dense wave of magical energy. It rippled out, cursing the Barrens and having other unintended effects. All the dragonborn on the Northern Island to the West of Finippicay began experiencing magical phenomena from that day, a dormant magical power awoken inside them.

DM: Observations
  • Favorite color is blue