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A juvenile Dark Grung being ground up to a pulp by a mortar and pestle for use in Lesser Grungine.

Grungine is an opioid used as a recreational drug, made from the poison present in the juvenile bodies of Dark Grung, which are small froglike creatures related to the more common tropical colorful Grungs. Grungine can only be made from the bodies of juvenile Grungs since only their undeveloped and weaker poison has the desired effect. Grungine made from the bodies of mature Grungs can be fatal and often is.

Grungine's is known for causing deep euphoric trances, persistent lucid dreams, but most famously it's known for allowing grung-vision. Common side-effects include: addiction, lucid dreams, mental unraveling, and a crippling aversion to frogs.

Lesser Grungine (AKA Grunge)

Item, uncommon. 10 gp per dose.

Lesser Grungine, or Grunge, is the simplest of the two Grungine variants. The process by which Grunge is made is crude and often performed by unskilled practitioners. It is cheap, addictive, and highly effective at causing a high.

After ingesting, you spend 1d6 hours under the effect of this drug.

Once recovered from the effects, roll a DC 15 Constitution saving throw to ensure that you have not become addicted to grungine. This DC is increased by +1 for each time grungine has been used in the past.

Euphoric Trance. For the duration, you are incapacitated in a euphoric state of trance and extreme focus. You cannot be awoken from this state.

Idiot Strength. For six hours after waking from the trance, you have +1 to any Strength checks.

Lucid Dreams. For 3 days after using grungine, you will experience lucid dreams that appear very meaningful and sometimes prophetic.

Addicted. Use grungine daily, or take 1d8 Psychic damage per day. After 30 + (1 for each time used) days of abstinence, the addiction stops. If grungine is used again, you will automatically become addicted once more.

Superior Grungine (AKA Frog Supe)

Item, rare. 200 gp per dose.

Superior Grungine, or Frog Supe, is the more refined variant of Grungine. It has all of the same stats and effects as Lesser Grungine, but allows you to attempt Grung-Vision.

Grung-Vision. A DC 14 Wisdom saving throw allows you to focus on the subject you wish to observe within the same plane of existence and see for 1d20 minutes through their eyes.