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πŸ” Ejol's Emporium


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!


  • Maribella stats
  • Pirates stats
  • Layout of the Clavicula

Ejol's Emporium is a chain of stores carrying magical items. Its locations are:


  • Ejol Saxet, the store's owner and manager
    • Half-Orc male, around his mid-thirties
    • Physical: Burly, bald-headed, long pointy beard, glasses
    • Trait: says "basically" a lot
    • Around his neck is a small silver key
  • Etan Saxet, in charge of locating acquisition and brother of Ejol
    • Half-Orc male, around his mid-thirties
    • Physical: Heavyset but strong
    • Trait: says "well, actually" a lot
  • JasΓ©m Slehw, assassin
    • Drow male, still young
    • Physical: dark purple skin, white hair
    • Trait: doesn't speak unless necessary, stays in the background

Buying and Selling Items

Unless the adventurers do Ejol a favor (see below), the cost of goods is affected.

While the adventurers are in the store, the door opens and a drow enters. While the door is open, they can hear the screeching of seagulls. The drow (JasΓ©m) quickly comes up to Ejol and says "the time to act is now. Two hours."

Door Portal

Though it has multiple physical locations, the store's interior is the same building for all. The store's front door serves as a portal to each of these locations for store employees, though only as a regular door for its customers.

The magic door in the movie Howl's Moving Castle inspired this mechanic.

The Favor

Ejol and Etan take the adventurers to a private back room, where they will discuss business.

Etan has received a tip that a ship carrying a priceless artifact (a small wooden box with a silver lock) is docking in Freeport. The problem is that the vessel is none other than the Clavicula, captained by the fearless pirate Maribella Delucanza. The pirate from CuaΓ±a is well-known for leaving no survivors behind after boarding her target.

Ejol and Etan only know that the box is located inside a chest within Maribella's private quarters aboard the Clavicula. They can't get it because they will lose their business in Freeport if they get caught. They will mention that the chest will be well-protected and not to open the small box within.

Ejol and Etan will open the door to the business to Freeport and say to return to the store once they've completed their task. They have two hours before the ship sets sail and leaves Freeport.

If they do this, they will receive a permanent 25% discount at Ejol's at all locations and a 2000 gp payment. Ejol will also pay 125% for any sold items. He considers this a personal favor as well as a business opportunity.

In Freeport

See Freeport for details on the city.

Ejol's Emporium is located right on the docks of Freeport. The Clavicula lies moored only a few hundred feet away from its front door.

They can wait until Maribella leaves her cabin and goes below decks, it takes about 30 minutes for this to happen. She will return to her quarters in 15 minutes.

Inside a locked chest bolted to the floor in the pirate's quarters on the Clavicula is the small box. This box is wrapped in blued steel chains that descend through the floor and come back up several times to secure it thoroughly. The padlock that keeps this chain in place is located one deck down in a secret compartment.

  • Alarm Spell: in a 20 ft. radius around the chest
  • Large outer chest: DC 15 DEX Thieves Tools check to open
  • Blued Steel Chains: DC 25 STR to break or 25 Hit Points to break
    • Or, if they access the secret compartment a DC 18 DEX Thieves Tools check to undo the chain.
  • Small box: DC 20 DEX Thieves Tools check to open

Thieves tools must be used for any locks or roll at disadvantage with improvised tools.

If the small box is opened (against Ejol's instructions), inside they find a small handmade doll, resembling Ejol. The doll feels warm to the touch and a DC 17 Perception check reveals a tiny heartbeat within. In a small leather pouch is a long silver needle.

Maribella and Ejol were lovers at some point, but Ejol betrayed her. This doll works the same way as a voodoo doll.