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🔐 Plan: Session 12


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

Player Cues

  • Everybody is going to sleep
    • Wolf and Sah-Sauj plan to sleep outside
    • Tiran and Gadot will share the guest bed
    • Pasha is taking the couch in Hanlar Ironstone's old office
  • Tiran wants to build a raft to get the robot off the island
    • Create some art for it
    • Create some soundboard SFX for it
  • The halfling that they assaulted will come back to haunt them
    • Wolf will get served at some point
    • Needs to show up tomorrow at the camp

Amalchi's Messenger

Find an opportune moment, maybe toward the end of the session. A 🔐 Juvenile Amalchian Dragon flies in from the east and crashes through the tree tops. This is Dagaz, one of 🔐 Amalchi's five new children.


For the briefest moment, you hear the sound of wings thrashing through the air before you see a large shape burst through the tree tops to your right. Before you stands a juvenile light blue dragon with a single glowing white eye in its head. It quickly scans its surroundings and with a snap of its neck, locks its gaze with Agorius, who stands frozen and watches in fear as the creature opens its mouth. It speaks to him in Draconic:

Draconic: levethix chiilipen dout drinlekih tenpiswo vur ossalur haruhe. Wux claxir kiri drong vur opsola rigluinic dout whaisih.

Translated: Wizard, conclude your business here and travel east. You are taking too long and Father needs your presence.

It will notice Pasha.


When it concludes, it slowly turns its head and looks directly at Pasha. You feel its glowing eye and a strange, old, hostile familiarity. It once again opens it mouth to speak, but speaks only two words.

Draconic: Isthasy neban.

Translated: Traitor brother.

You see through its gaping maw something beginning to glow in its throat, as it begins to fly directly toward you.

Roll for initiative.