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God of deserts, and specifically guardian spirit of The Passage desert in TaΓ―ni where he resides.

Pronunciation: zoh-ah-no-vin

Domains: Deserts, The Passage.

Plane of Existence: The deserts of Bhreia, most frequently The Passage.

Religion: Zoanovism

Zoanovin is a child of Bhreia, yet it is unknown who his father is. A few scholars speculate that it must be Dhoutr, but most others reject this due to the animosity between the two deities.


Zoanovin requires a blood sacrifice by anyone before crossing any desert. Not doing so may incur his wrath, which is a death sentence in the harsh climates which he rules. He is directly worshipped in TaΓ―ni by the religion founded there named Zoanovism. The higher caste Zoanovists speak directly to their deity through the desert winds.

Etymology (Meta)

Combination of the Proto-Germanic samdaz, meaning sand and Proto-Germanic windaz, meaning wind.