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πŸ” Plan: Session 27


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

  • Recap
  • New interview format: Wolf

The Pool

The pool isn't water. It's a portal to another dimension, the elemental plane of air. It's glowing with sunlight and acts like quicksand.

Only Pasha can wade through it.

It acts as a portal into the elemental plane of air but requires them to leave behind their material body and die before passing through.

As they sink in, it will burn off their clothes and gear. It does not affect their skin until they die.

Once they are entirely submerged, they can see clouds moving along in a quiet sky in which they float. They can't breathe the air. Their material bodies are incompatible with this plane of existence unless they can think of a clever way to pass through.

If a player dies in the pool, their bodies and gear disintegrate.

Quicksand Rules

When a creature enters quicksand it sounds 1d4+1 feet. On its turn it sinks another 1d4 feet. As long as the creature isn't completely submerged it can escape by using it's action and succeeding a strength check of dc 10+number of feet the creature has sunk.

A creature can pull another creature within its reach out of a quicksand pit by using it's action and succeeding a strength check of dc 5 + number of feet the target creature has sunk


After 1+(con bonus) minutes of holding your breath underwater you fall unconscious, your hit points fall to 0, and you can then survive for a number of rounds equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum 1 round). After that, you begin making your death saving throws as per the standard rules. However, if you become stable there is a problem. If you are still under water you can’t remain stable. So you must start making death saving throws again. This continues until you die unless you are saved in some way.


Arya is hiding in the cave, Ix will find her if nobody else does. She's tired, hungry, and scared. She claims that she was under some sort of influence until about two days ago when she suddenly lost her powers.

A DC 15 Insight check will reveal that she's lying about being under an influence. She was doing this for the power that the dragon gave her.

She is a Medusa and will use her powers to affect the players if she feels threatened.

Ix carries with him a piece of stone horn -- he broke it off Garacan's head. He knows that to undo the petrification curse, he must kill the source. He figured out it is Arya and will attempt to kill her.

Arya will beg for her life, Ix will debate the group if they try to intervene. He can be driven to fight.

If they search Ix, they will find a piece of paper with an address on it in Korban's Landing. This is his weapons stash.

3810 Geller Way
Compartment 72B
The Old City
Korban's Landing
Password: ma's favorite song

They could get the song name from Ix with some convincing or intimidation. The song's name is From the Depths, Across the Plains.


Back in town, depending on what happened in the cave, Garacan will be unpetrified, though missing a piece of horn.