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Bhreia's Brother

Plane of Existence: Air

If Bhreia's story is enigmatic, then the story of her brother is a complete mystery. Other than his overall role in the creation mythology, and the fact that he is the personification of the heavens, all knowledge of him seems to have been lost over the ages. This includes his name, which is why he's usually referred to as "Bhreia's brother," or "the sky god." Some scholars speculate that he wasn't forgotten, but rather erased from historical records, but this is pure conjecture and not supported by historical evidence.

As the Second Age ended, Bhreia's brother split into distinct pieces:

  • Brother's Eye, the eye of the day (the sun)
  • Five eyes of the night (moons):
    • Dagaz
    • Noktus
    • Sunuz
    • Menoz
    • Eeroz
DM: Spoilers

This file is kept so that links in the DM wiki don't break. Bhreia's brother is, in fact, 🔐 Amalchi.

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