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Sah-Sauj Cho'Ixo

Sah-Sauj Cho'Ixo

Sah-Sauj's token in Foundry.

Campaign: Braving Bhreia

Played By: Anjelica


(Bio written by Anjelica)

Sah-sauj comes from ___. He is a Tortle and is 223 years old. Many years ago he lived a not so good life and did many things that he regrets. One day, his bad behavior catches up to him and he's thrown into prison for stealing a chamber pot from a neighbor and licking their infant son's feet. You see, Sah-sauj has a thing for babies and feet… get your mind out of the gutter! He eats baby toes! Because of this interesting crime, he gets thrown into the town jail. During his trial he's given the choice to either go to prison for several years or be rehabilitated by attending a cleric school and becoming a cleric in service of Melora. He decides he'd rather spend his days not rotting away in prison and attends the cleric school.

Try as he might, poor Sah-sauj tries his hardest to be a good cleric but he just can't help himself. During a class on botany and creatures, he eats the subjects that he is studying. This is a grievous offense since he is in fact becoming a cleric for Melora who just happens to be the goddess of nature and creation. Needless to say, he is expelled and forced back to prison. As he is waiting to be transported the Sky God, who he calls Fred, shows up and tells him that if he chooses to follow him he will help him escape and start a new life but he has to be a cleric. He says, sign me up and Fred beams him out of the jail and drops him on a beautiful tropical island.

For the next few years he tries his best to spread the word of Fred and do good deeds while still fucking up sometimes and eating baby toes or stealing the chamberpots from the houses of people who hosted him (for free) because they hired him but soon regretted because of what was mentioned before.

Suddenly, Fred stops sending him messages and visions. Those were usually how he determined where he would go next. For the last 35 years Fred has been quiet and Sah-sauj continues on in hopes of hearing from Him again.

DM: Visions

Visions by Amalchi

True visions are prefixed with a ☯️

Before the brother went silent

A bird flies down from the sky and lands in your hand. You pet it and it enjoys it until it pecks your eye out.

☯️ A five pointed star with an eye in its center (the symbol) slowly turning into five moons orbiting a sun set against a daylight sky. When the eye blinks, the sun eclipses, and the sky turns dark, but the moons stay bright.


Showing the symbol of Amalchi, transforming into the dragon-like creature with 5 small eyes, surrounding a large single shining eye.

☯️ You feel as if you're falling endlessly though the sky, but you can't feel the gravity of the ground pulling you. You're just falling, tumbling.


A premonition of what happens once Amalchi as a dragon sends the party to his plane of existence.

You fall asleep in the tall grass and when you wake up, the grass has grown over you, trapping you against the earth where you slowly wither away and die. You try to scream, but the grass has grown deep inside of your throat, silencing you.

You're swimming and your legs cramp. The sky turns black, there is no sun, no moon. You begin to sink and are unable to hold your breath. Your lungs fill with cold water and you slowly die.

After the brother went silent

A child smiles at you, and hugs you, but when they try to let go, they're stuck to your body, scream, and begin to melt against your shell. When you pull them off you, they tear apart.

☯️ The face of what looks like a human or elf smiles at you, but it has small nubby horns on its forehead.


A premonition of the face of the bust, containing the spirit of Dhoutr, Amalchi's creation/son.

☯️ Occasionally you have recurring dreams wherein you feel incredibly angry and trapped in a small space. The only thing you want is to get out, but you're unable to escape.


A vision of what Amalchi currently feels, being trapped in the orb.

☯️ You see through the eyes of a human male. You're underground somewhere and your arms turn into large light blue wings. With each flap of your wings, you ascend through the rock until you breach through and erupt from the ground into the open sky.


A premonition of Amalchi transforming from Moreus into the dragon and flying upwards through the ground, erupting in Cauldin's Point.