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🔐 Slay, Inc. Plan: Session 3


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

  • Synopsis: Session 2
  • Braggish intro (see below)
  • Swap with Reginald
  • Finish the cave from plan 2

Braggish Intro

Braggish underwater music.

Braggish, you remember going overboard as your ship was tossed around on the sea like a child's toy. Now cold waves embrace you when enter the deep, striking your nerves like a thousand frozen needles. As you sink into the depths, the raging storm and moonlight above fade into nothingness. And you are alone. Sinking. Growing colder. You wonder how you lost your sealegs. It all happened so fast. But now your soul dims and your limbs seize like frozen machinery in the icy abyss.

But there's something there with you. Something down there besides the flickering ember of your soul. Two pale spots of green watch you from the void. Whose eyes are they? You wonder when something grabs hold of your wrist, pulls you. Deeper. Colder. Curling and tightening around your wrist like slimy tendrils of something that shouldn't be alive. You fade until nothing remains.

Shore ambiance.

The dream fades quickly, but it stays with you like a memory. Your eyes are closed, but you can sense where you are. Sunlight warms your back, waves lap at your feet, and you taste the salt of the coarse sand on which you lay. You're alive, somehow. Now, what do you do?

  • See ruins nearby
    • White square houses, blue roofs
    • ruinous, doors missing, broken walls
    • DC 12 Perception
      • Old dried blood
      • Long scratches
      • most buildings have an eye-carving
    • DC 15+ made by claws, large claws
    • One of the ruins, a windmill, contains a desecated corpse
      • Looks like a male Orc
      • Has Braggish's stuff
      • Decades years old
      • Wearing an iron snake bangle
      • When the items are removed:
        • From its chest cavity, tiny spiders attack
        • When they are damaged, its mother shows up

During this battle, Yil Romka shows up and kills the crabs.

He asks if he's Braggish, and swaps him with Reginald.