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Slay, Inc. Session 1: Number One with a Bulette

Date: May 10th, 2022 @ 21:00 CT

Audio: MP3 (1h54m)


After a rough week at sea, you arrived in the port city of Arjuna in Silubria. Stepping off the ship named the "Bitter Pill" are the employees of Slay, Inc., a mercenary group:

  • Archibald, an elderly human cleric
  • Sir Reginald Featherbottom III, a Tabaxi monk in colorful face paints
  • Kheyt, a partially mutilated human
  • and Spi' Noch, a seasick Owlet

While walking down the dock, you saw the ship that pulled into the harbor alongside yours being unloaded. A crane pulled crates off the ship's deck and placed them on the ground. But Archibald noticed that sounds came from within them. A shaking, too. Something was alive in there.

Led by Kheyt, you made your way down the docks and into a fenced-in line leading to a guard's booth. While the guard checked your papers, Kheyt inspected the crates closer, which appeared to carry the royal insignia and had breathing holes drilled into their lids.

Kheyt confronted the guard and used her natural charm to extract some information from him. He told her that they've been shipping in all kinds of animals lately, but they'd find out soon enough, given their paperwork.

As their conversation carried on, a crane lifted a heavy crate off the ship. It swung overhead, clearing Sir Reginald Featherbottom III, and crashed into a smaller crate on the ground. For a split second, a tiny demonlike creature emerged from the rubble of the small crate and immediately went invisible. However, a Bulette appeared from the large crate's debris, still entangled in the chains that held it down.

As it began attacking the nearest dock worker, you fought the creature while the guards ran in fear until it eventually died. However, Archibald felt something brush up against his leg during the fight. Something he couldn't see. When the Bulette finally died, Sir Reginald Featherbottom III felt the same thing and punched it, causing it to become visible. Kheyt pierced it with her rapier, and the tiny demon also perished.

The guard thanked you for helping out with the situation and continued processing your paperwork. And that's where we left off.