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🔐 Cauldin's Tomb


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

Cauldin's Tomb Map

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The quest that leads here is 🔐 Tomb Raiders.

Cauldin's Tomb has been repurposed by the 🔐 Cult of Amalchi as a sacrificial site. They perform blood sacrifices here to Amalchi and transport the blood down the holes in the floor to the subterranean complex below where the blood is stored in massive barrels. The presence of a powerful spirit is useful to them as it focuses the life force present in the blood.

Someone who knows the password (by definition a descendent of Cauldin) has provided it to these cultists. While Cauldin's tomb itself has not been disturbed, his spirit is unhappy with these interlopers.


  • A stone tomb carved with the visage of a Human man who has the same face as the door and the statue in town.
    • Inscribed in an older form of common: "Here lies Cauldin of Leikon, brother of all men"
    • Within:
      • The corpse of Cauldin of Leikon, a dusty skeleton
      • Cauldin's Sword, a cursed magical sword containing the soul of the man. It is not cursed to descendents of Cauldin.
  • Two chests along the northern wall
    • Left one - looks more recent
      • Five light blue robes
      • Five golden daggers
    • Right one - looks ancient, covered in the same amount of dust as the tomb
      • Ancient Coints - These are rare coins and can possibly be traded for more gold, if someone does a check (DC 15 History).
        • 30 gold pieces inscribed with the visage of Korban.
        • 100 silver pieces inscribed with the visage of Cauldin of Leikon himself.
        • 500 copper pieces inscribed with the visage of Donitar of Leikon.
      • A binder of parchment containing rough sketches of people and locations. There's no name or signature on them, but it's implied that they're 🔐 Cauldin's Sketches.
      • 🔐 Cauldin's Journal, bound in a leather cover and wrapped in straps connected by a a brass seal. This was meant to die with him, not read. However, it can be opened and translated into modern the modern common language a the rate of one page per day.
  • Five holes in the floor, caked with blood, quite fresh
    • It looks like the blood is less than a week old
    • There are layers of old caked-on blood going back a long time
    • If touched, the sides of the holes are slick and the stone feels polished, almost like a pipe


When the door opens:

Flavor Text

With the password spoken, the door splits down its center and opens inward with the deep rumble of stone on stone. A stale draft emanates from the darkness ahead and carries with it a scent of decay.

Upon entering and seeing the tomb:

Flavor Text

At the center of the room stands a stone tomb covered in a thick layer of dust. Carved into its lid is the lifelike visage of a Human man laying peacefully on his back, holding a sword in his strong hands, clasped upon his chest. Near his feet, there are words inscribed in an older form of the common tongue.

Upon opening the tomb:

Flavor Text

The dark gaping eye sockets of a man dressed in simple leathers gaze back at you. Clasped between the dusty bones of his hands you see the glimmer of a beautiful longsword, its delicate inscriptions remain untarnished by the ages.

If illuminated: The light you cast dances on the bones that slowly begin to crumble with the sudden exposure to atmosphere and light. After only a few moments, the twelve-hundred year old body of the founder returns to dust and Cauldin of Leikon is finally no more. The broadsword lays in a pile of dust.