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🔐 Road Squid


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

They encounter a man named Theophilus (Theo) Picot, a fisherman from Korban's Landing whose cart has fallen over.

A DC 10 Nature check by Pasha will reveal that the smell coming from the cart is squid.

If they help Theo, they may see that this is only a small piece of squid tentacle -- a giant squid. It takes up the entire cart and is stapped down with thick ropes to prevent it from shifting.

A single person will require a DC 19 Strength check to upright the cart or a group check of DC 17 Strength.

Reward: He will give them a brass token, resembling a Square Knot. He tells them that they can use this at The Salt Lick (a tavern for sailors) for a free round of drinks. "Tell 'em Theo sent ye."

Theo is taking the squid arm to Leecham where there's a professor who might be able to tell more about the arm. The professor's name is Kenkar (an anagram for Kraken).

This arm was cut off by a crew trying to prevent whatever owned the arm from capsizing their ship.

Strange creatures have been seen in the seas as of late, tales of:

  • Strange pale people walking into the ocean as if taking a stroll, wearing nothing but black nightgowns
  • Distant songs echoing across the waves, their lyrics incomprehensible, yet beautiful and enticing, drawing you onto the open sea
  • Fins the size of ships breaching the surface, clipping the sides of ships
  • And worst of all: the corpses of sailors long since drowned washing up on shore. Theo found his best friend on the beach, his body perfectly preserved. He drowned more than a decade ago.

He says that there are plenty more stories being told. All these things have been happening since the dragon attack last year. Things have been getting bananas.