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🔐 Jonah's Demon


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

The Cursed Statue

The cursed statue containing the spirit of Dhoutr.

A demonic spirit inhabiting a small onyx statue in Jonah's Denn. It is the spirit of Dhoutr who communicates with whoever is the owner of the statue of the time in a clandestine attempt to influence the world. It goal is to help its father/creator, 🔐 Amalchi reincarnate into the world and is the cause of the existence of 🔐 Cult of Amalchi.


The statue is a small bust of a creature with nubby horns on its head, its race is not known. What is also unknown is whom this likeness was modeled after.

It is placed on a wooden plinth, which seems to be a recent addition. A DC 10 Investigation check reveals the five-pointed star of Amalchi inscribed on the bottom of the plinth.

TODO: expound and check into "Succubus" (maybe? or homebrew) in the Monster Manual.


On the eve of the Second Age when Dhoutr was born, he took his time to enter Bhreia and inspected the world. He left behind a few items which would focus his spirit in the world when discovered (or when fate required it). These items would take on a familiar shape to the first person who encountered it. In the case of this bust, it took on the shape of Jonah Feldspar's younger brother's face, though with the addition of stubby little horns.

Jonah's Demon Statue

Possession: Rhea Feldspar

Age: Created on the eve of the Second Age, so approximately 2,000 (DC 18 History) years old. Though a range of 1,500 - 2,000 years old could be provided for lower rolls.

Indestructible: The bust cannot be destroyed except by powerful magical means (say, a plot device 😅). Attempting to cause damage to it will redirect 1d100 percent of the damage back to the dealer.

Selective Latch: It is particular in who it possesses and won't jump to another body unless the currently possessed is dead, useless, or the possession is otherwise broken.