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Sebastian Standhaft

Campaign: Braving Bhreia

Played By: Mike "Deuce"


(Written by Mike)

The earliest memories Sebastian had was dreaming of adventure. His father, a famous adventurer, used to sit and tell him tales of danger and battle. He couldn't get enough of it. Sebastian's life was comfortable. His parents had taken titles with a kingdom they helped save. He had the best schooling and training. Always dutiful and hardworking, Sebastian excelled at most things he did. His father taught him the sword and tactics while his mother taught him spells to help protect himself. The road still called to him. All the stories he had heard and read called for him to set off on his own adventures. There were monsters to slay. Innocent people needed saving. Mysteries long forgotten waited to be found once again. His mother had other ideas. She knew first hand how dangerous the world was. She resolutely refused to allow it to happen. Her baby would not be put in that kind of danger. What is a man to do but continue to train? If books have taught him anything it's that when adventure calls you had better be ready to answer...

DM Only