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πŸ” Survivors' Camp at Cauldin's Point


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

Cauldin's Point is in ruins. The town itself has been reduced to a large hole that's filled up with water, forming a lake.

There's a camp set up south west of town, hundreds of tents set up in neat rows and columns. They're the survivors and those looking for loved ones stay here. It's organized by the provincial government, and they've outsourced the work to Aldarion Unlimited, who run the show.

Approaching the Camp


Against the tree line of the south-western forest, hundreds of tents are arranged in neat columns. The putrid smell of too many people cramped up together coats your senses as your approach. A silent crowd of people stands gathered around the missing persons board posted at the entrance. They desperately search for updates here, which remain elusive. A thousand notes carrying the names of those lost hang from it, bleaching in light of the unsetting sun.

Missing Persons Board

There's a board with the names of those still missing, names scratched off are confirmed dead. Those inquiring about the names have their contact details attached to each note.

On the pole holding the board:


Any information about the origins of the events of the 7th of Lirrai last year will be greatly rewarded by the Aldarion Unlimited company. Speak to Captain πŸ” Weslan Stillwater in the camp for details.

More than a thousand souls in total are dead or missing.

Entering the Camp

As they enter the camp, πŸ” Weslan Stillwater is getting ready to calm down some pissed off survivors.


An irritated mob of people is gathered around a human male, who's climbing up on a small wooden podium. He's wearing an Aldarion Unlimited adorned outfit and looks to be in his late thirties. The bags under his eyes betray a high level of exhaustion. Still, he smiles at the people around him, and motions his hands to silence them so he can speak. Though he attempts to appear confident, you can tell he's a bit nervous.

Weslan's Speech

Now, calm down, people. I understand your frustrations here, but we're doing the best we can given the situation. Today, I do have an update from your local government.

The crowd murmurs, seemingly surprised.

Given the one year anniversary of the disaster and the fact that the last survivor was found nine months ago, the authorities in charge think it's best to call of the search.

The crowd reacts angrily.

Don't misunderstand me, I share your frustrations, but there's not much we can do here. Starting immediately, I have been directed to cut the staff here in half and redirect my efforts to rebuilding and diverting the flow of the river. I'm sure many you are looking forward to having a home again.

Person: What about the gawkers?

Yes, I have also received word on this.

He's quiet for a moment.

Sadly, there's nothing we can do about the tourists. They have a legal right to be here, like any citizen of Korbantir does.

The crowd boos and is angry.

If you have any further questions, don't hesistate to come to me. My tent is always open. Thank you.

He climbs down the podium and walks towards a big tent bearing the Aldarion Unlimited logo, then disappears inside.

The Time Device

Tiemkeeping Device

A rough sketch of the device.


Not far from the podium stands a strange looking mechanical device. Water runs from a reservoir at a constant rate through bent glass tubes into a vessel. Once the vessel is full, the water pumps back into the reservoir and a dial with numbers moves one tick forward. As you watch for a while, this seems to happen at regular intervals. The dial currently reads 335|23|50.

This is a time keeping device combining minor magic with mechanical operation, which keeps track of time at once minute intervals. It's counting from the moment that the dragon appeared and the sun remained in the sky. The device was created by Tiran Medeid's mother, Sophia at the πŸ” Ironstone Forge.

Encountering Londrina

Walking on crutches and missing a leg is πŸ” Londrina, the priestess of Primani. The other camp members don't particularly like her since she's Dragonborn, but still accept her healing abilities when needed. More recently, she hasn't been healing as much, but right after the disaster, she brought back many from the brink of death.

She will recognize Sah-Sauj Cho'Ixo from the day of the disaster, but not the others. However, she will also remember that he was a "cleric of brother." She understands that brother is πŸ” Amalchi and will tell Weslan about this.

Talking to Weslan

πŸ” Weslan Stillwater can update the group with information about:

  • Gadot J'Dogeaux's dad πŸ” Phillipe J'Dogeaux never having returned from Marram
  • Tiran Medeid's mom πŸ” Sophia Medeid waiting for new on him at the πŸ” Ironstone Forge
  • Details about the travel to Marram since he's done it so often.
    • The amount of time it would take, not including traveling to Korban's Landing, around a month:
      • 6 full days of straight seafaring to Rivoni Springs.
      • 15 days of desert crossing.
      • 5 days trekking through jungle paths to Beteb.
      • Total: 26 days, non-stop travel
    • The amount of money needed to travel to Marram, around 3000 gp:
      • Boarding a passenger ship: 1000 gp = (200 gp x 5)
      • Hiring a guide to cross The Passage desert in TaΓ―ni: 1500 gp = (100 gp x 15 days)
      • Buying pack animals: 250 gp (50 gp x 5 adventurers + 1 guide)
      • Supplies, food, water etc.: 45 gp (5 sp x 15 days x 6 people) food + 200 gp equipment
      • Total: 2900 gp
    • Alternatively, he says they could sail there directly through Mirini Bay, but they'd have to charter a ship, likely around 5000 gp or so, he's not sure. It would be much more expensive, more dangerous, take longer, but bypass the desert entirely.

If he trusts them and the gang can convince him that πŸ” Londrina's misgivings about Sah-Sauj Cho'Ixo are unfounded, he will offer them:

Leaving the Camp

Upon leaving the camp for the first time, the adventurers see a wagon pulled by a giant goat carrying about 20 people while a plump Halfling male speaks loudly:

The Tourists

And on your left you can see the Cauldin's Point survivors camp, and, um..., pinch your noses as we pass it's kind of a strong smell. Anyway, not only survivors live in these tents, but those poor people waiting for any kind of news. But you know, honestly, at this point, who can expect any good news? Just being truthful here, right folks? A sad and desperate group of people. Okay, let's continue to the lake for some real views of the dragon's destruction.

He tugs the reigns of the giant goat. A DC 5 check will show that it's Ramona, Wolf's goat. A 1d2 check will determine if Ramona notices him and walks over.