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🔐 Phillipe J'Dogeaux


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

Phillipe J'Dogeaux

Portrait of Phillipe J'Dogeaux.

Father of Gadot J'Dogeaux, currently in Marram. He is a French musketeer-type figure.

Personal Connections

Besides being Gadot J'Dogeaux's dad:


(As provided by Mike)

Philippe grew up outside of Donitar at his Lord's estate. His grandparents served the Lord of their time as did Philippe's parents, and so was Phillipe expected to do the same. Like Gadot, he owned almost nothing himself but had a childhood in which he was well cared for and taught the skills he would need to serve the Lord of his time. The Lord of the estate was kind to the servants, and Philippe had a lot of freedom around the estate. He was both a gifted acrobat and would often entertain guests at the estate. He also had a penchant for thievery. He mostly stole harmless things with no large consequence if he got caught: extra sweets, old weapons from the guard, etc.

While still a young adult, he met Lydia. A young cuniko who was recently hired to his Lord's employ. She fell in love with his daring nature as Philippe fell for her dreams of a faraway home: Lydia and Phillipe together, no Lord, no estate.

They conceived a child, and Gadot was then born. Philippe became determined to make their dream a reality. Days after Gadots 3rd birthday, Philippe entertained a group of his Lord's visitors. Utilizing his cunning skills, he lifted a valuable bauble from a guest.

Seeking to sell it for a small fortune, he brought it to Donitar. The first merchant he visited, recognized the bauble as belonging to another noble family and his guards restrained Philippe.

After questioning Philippe about how he obtained it, the merchant took pity on Philippe. He told Philippe to go home and to place the bauble somewhere inconspicuous like his Lord's room. Waiting for night, Philippe crawled up the estate and slipped through the window to his Lord's room. Philippe laid the bauble to rest in a jewelry box with the other precious items.

Philippe told Lydia about his endeavor to better their lot in life and their ambition diminished as they realized how close Philippe came to never returning. As the weeks churned on, the three grew closer as Philippe and Lydia forgot their past ambition.

One night, the estate was attacked. All were caught unaware. Scrambling, Philippe found an escape, but Lydia couldn't keep up. As the attackers surrounded them, Lydia tossed Gadot to Philippe before one of them plunged their sword through her. Blood pulsing, with his child in arm, Philippe tumbled around the slashing blades of the invaders before leaping for a window. Landing cleanly on the ground, Philippe silently fled the estate. Before they left the ground entirely, he saw two men atop horses outside the estate. With the brightly flickering light of their torches, he recognized the first face as his Lord's guest from whom he stole and the second as the merchant from Donitar.

He fled to Kleftmon and worked as a burglar. His acrobatic skills and hard lessons provided him and Gadot a life, although Gadot was often watched by others in Kleftmon while Philippe was away at work. Eventually tales of his skill reached Dauriel who invited Philippe to join AU.