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🔐 The Cave


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!


A sketch of Mike Truk's friend, Oona.

When the adventurers go to the center of town, Mike will attempt to pickpocket one of the players while saying how brave they look etc. The player will notice that either they're getting pickpocketed or that they're lighter as Mike leaves. If the players follow Mike, he will lead them to the north of town, under the wooden wall through a hole, and into the hills. Mike sneaks out of sight, but with a low investigation or perception check, the adventurers can find the opening to a cave.

In the cave, they can see two bed rolls, a small campfire, a bunch of small cages with some holding Dark Grungs captive. On the floor are a couple of mortars and pestles, a wisdom roll could reveal that someone is making Grungine here. A high enough investigation check will reveal a continuation of the cave system that leads to the 🔐 Tomb Raiders sidequest.

Mike, Hurq, and Oona are hiding when the adventurers show up at the cave and will jump out holding improvised weapons at an attempt at intimidation. They are easily dissuaded from attacking and will drop their weapons when confronted.

Mike and Hurq have been making Grungine in the cave under Oona's guidance. Out of the three, Oona is the only one not homeless and seems to be using the boys for her own benefit. She lives in town and comes out to the cave to get the Grungine and feed the boys. She sells the Grungine and splits the profits unevenly between the three of them. Mike and Hurq occasionally have to steal to make up for their growing appetites, which Oona can't satiate. Hurq especially has a difficult time going into town since he's a Half-Orc and mistrusted by most.


A sketch of Mike Truk's friend, Hurq.

The resolution to this conflict and situation is left open-ended, up to the players.

DM: Oona Stats

Oona is a Commoner, but carries a sling and a dagger named "Cutter" instead of a club.


  • 2 Lesser Grungine
  • 1 gp, 5 sp, 3 cp
  • a few (1d8+1) rocks for her sling
DM: Hurq Stats

Hurq is a Commoner, and carries a club, which is just a stick he found.


  • 5 cp
  • a round river stone
  • a couple of frog bones
  • a dirty wrapper that says "Turker Turkey Pot Pies" on one side and "Free Baby" on the other