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Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

Tino Block

Portrait of Tino Block.

When hearing that the adventurers are looking for work, Tino Block (they/them), approaches them with a job offer. Tino is suffering from a terminal illness, The Wasting and not yet ready to die. They're keeping themself alive by consuming a Potion of Healing on a daily basis. But, they've run out of money, out of potions, and is too ill to do something about it themself. They don't have much to offer the group for their work except a share in the bounty: potions of healing.


What: Tino suffers from a disease called The Wasting, which is similar to cancer, if not the equivalent of cancer on Bhreia. If they don't take a potion every day, their symptoms get worse and they can die in a matter of 1d8 days as of the day they met the adventurers.

Why: Tino is not yet ready to die. They have not seen anything of the world outside of Cauldin's Point and Tino is desperate to make something of the time that they have left. With enough potions, they will leave Cauldin's Point and set out for a trip to Korban's Landing where they will board a ship to Rivoni Springs and hope for a chance to enter the famous healing springs.

Where: A shipment of Potions of Healing is coming from Korban's Landing and is headed to Aldarion Unlimited headquarters in Donitar. As per usual, the wagon transporting the goods is protected by two guards on horseback and a single driver. The group will stop at Jonah's Denn and rotate their watch over the cargo as each group member rests for the night.

When: The wagon will roll into the town tonight. Tino is desperate for this final chance at a stab at life; it has to happen now.

How: Up to the players, but Tino prefers no bloodshed. They offer to pay 23 gp (all the money they own) to get the crates. If that's not enough for the group, they may offer them a Pelang Box that they stole/found. If they refuse, they will do it themselves and get caught and executed.

The Wagon

There are 3 Guards (MM pg. 347) protecting the wagon.

Cargo: 2 crates of 10 potions of healing