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Session 6: Cave Kids

Date: 2011-12-08 @ 9:00 PM CT

Audio: MP3


Immediately after entering town, you visit Dauriel and tell him that you traded the deed for the map with the daughter of Grinta. You show him the map you found and a dead Macoyii. With some investigation, Wolf notices that the Macoyii had an old scar around its neck, and that it was pregnant. Wolf mentioned Phidippus' involvement with the Macoyii, but Dauriel didn't know why he'd want to capture them. He did mention that Phidippus bought up the Ironstone Forge, which he didn't think was accidental.

Pasha, Gadot, and Tiran set out to the town center and visited the local greasy blacksmith named Hardy. Tiran asked him for some information on Aldarion, the local blacksmith scene, and namedropped the Ironstone name to great effect. After a moment of swapping personal stories, the boys headed back to the inn.

Meanwhile, a mile east of town, Wolf and Sah-Sauj buried the dead Macoyii. In a tearful eulogy, Sah-Sauj promised to avenge the Macoyii that they themselves had killed. Afterwards, Wolf mentioned that he'd like to find an alternative entrance to the cave under the inn.

You all met back up at the inn and headed out to find the potential cave entrance. However, while walking through the slums, Gadot was pickpocketed by a little boy and he chased him into the hills north of town where he disappeared into the mouth of a cave.

You followed him inside the cave where you met three kids with a twisted power dynamic. Oona, Mike, and Hurq. Pasha recognized the girl, Oona, as the girl he'd helped the night before. She appeared to be leading the group of kids, and after some convincing, Pasha was able to convince her to give Gadot's money back.

After coming to a truce with the kids and inspecting their cave a bit more, you found a passage leading deeper into the cave system, which you followed. After following the path for another while, you came across the familiar T-junction, which Wolf immediately recognized.

Continuing the path to the familiar door, Tiran noticed a weird magical aura as you approached closer. A magical field was erected in the space in front of it, which Sah-Sauj identified as some sort of abjuration spell. When Tiran stepped inside of the field, it disappeared immediately. He also found out that the door no longer responded to the password that Sah-Sauj had previously used.

Thinking the kids would have more information about the door and anyone who may have entered, you went back to ask them. The two boys were asleep in their bedrolls and the girl was nowhere to be found. Tiran attempted to wake the boys, but neither of them woke up. Gadot searched the boys' pockets for clues, but found mostly trash in their pockets.

Thinking the boys got high off their own supply of Grunge, Tiran marks your location on a tree, and you all head back into town.

DM: Session Plan
  • Handout Marram map
  • Door has a new password: "Moreus"
    • Someone noticed that the tomb had been damaged
    • Tiran may notice that an Alarm spell has been set
    • Phidippus has set the alarm
  • Wolf: Macoyii
    • Notices scarring around its neck
    • Notices that the dead Macoyii is pregnant
    • The other one was male