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Paddaika are toad-like creatures native to the eastern islands of Bhreia. They can reproduce asexually by essentially producing clones of themselves. A Paddaika lives through the following stages of life:

  • Egg (2 weeks, submerged)
  • Tadpole (5 weeks, submerged)
  • Padda, an amphibious tadpole with limbs (8 weeks)
  • Paddai (aka broodling), a smaller form of its final form (5 years)
  • Paddaika


Vision: Paddaikas perceive up to 30 ft. in total darkness as dimly lit.

Age: Paddaikas live up to 80 years.

Size: Padda are tiny, Paddai grow from small to medium, and Paddaika grow from medium to large.