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πŸ” The End

This outlines how to resolve the story in a timeline manner.

Session 32

  • Shopping in Korban's Landing
  • Gain access to Ix's storage locker
  • Meeting Tom Wake, Chickadee, and Prince Callum at the Salt Lick
  • Cliffhanger: Finding Callum dead in the morning

Session 33

  • Callum's dead: investigate what's happening, clear Tom Wake's name
  • Cliffhanger: Finding a hint of Phidippus

Session 34

  • Continued investigation and conclusion
  • They fight Phidippus, who has something to do with the murder
    • Do they kill him?
  • Tom Wake's name is cleared
  • Cliffhanger: Tom remembered there's an old diving bell

Session 35

  • Getting the diving bell and info on where the ocean is deepest
  • Sailing off to the depths of the ocean
  • Cliffhanger: a dragon attacks
    • How is it related to Amalchi?

Session 36

  • Conclude the attack
  • Arrive at the coordinates
  • Begin a journey down into the depths of the ocean
  • Cliffhanger: arrival at the ocean floor, notice that it goes even deeper

Session 37

  • Going down the pit at the bottom of the ocean
  • Underwater combat against a creature protecting something
  • Retrieving the soil
  • Cliffhanger: as they reach the surface, they can see flashes of light above the surface

Session 38

  • A flock of little blue dragons attacks the ship; it's burning, fire everywhere
  • Either the ship sinks or they manage to save it
  • Cliffhanger: Rivoni Springs on the horizon

Session 39

  • Arrival in Rivoni Springs
  • Noktus slinks through the city at night, reveals himself in dreams
  • Talk to Remo
  • Cliffhanger: Remo reveals something shocking

Session 40

  • Q: Does Remo betray them for the reward money?
  • Shopping, if needed
  • Get healing waters
  • OPTION: encounter with Noktus
  • Leave Rivoni Springs
  • Cliffhanger: ?

Session 41

  • Travel into the desert of TaΓ―ni, looking for the highest mountain
  • Encounter with Sunuz, who increases the heat and gets them lost
  • Cliffhanger: they have no idea where they are

Session 42

  • Find the path, defeat Sunuz
  • Cliffhanger: see the mountain

Session 43

  • Begin the ascent up the mountain
  • Intense dreams by all the party members
    • Amalchi is trying to throw them off
  • Cliffhanger: they catch a glimpse of the peak

Session 44

  • Reach the summit
  • Plant Bhreia's egg
  • TODO: Pasha has to change here somehow
    • Maybe another visit by the oracle?
  • Cliffhanger: Bhreia hatches

Session 45

  • Finish the desert crossing
  • Transition into jungle
  • Meet some Tabaxi native inhabitants
    • If they make friends, they won't get attacked
    • The Tabaxi will tell them of strange creatures near Uku
  • Cliffhanger: they arrive at New Donitar and are recognized from their Wanted poster

Session 46

  • They are jailed by Aldarion Unlimited, sentenced to hang
  • Tabaxi attack, they can escape
  • Gadot's dreams of his father intensify
  • They travel across the country to Uku
  • They learn of a ravine nearby.
    • The locals have stopped going there.
  • Cliffhanger: they find the ravine, and relive their dreams on the edge of it

Session 47

  • Descent into the ravine
  • They find the entrance to Amalchi's cave
  • The entrance is littered with dead bodies. They seem drained.
  • They find Philippe still half alive. He tells them where Amalchi is
  • Bhreia senses his presence and tells them that he's very powerful
  • Cliffhanger: they see Amalchi for the first time and he's fucking massive

Session 48

  • Confrontation with Amalchi, combat
  • Cliffhanger: Bhreia fucking dies

Session 49

Another session of combat?

Session 50

  • Pasha's sacrifice
    • TODO: Figure out what this is
  • Conclusion of the combat, defeating Amalchi

Session 51

  • Resolution