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Sarapum is Silubria's capital city, located on the southern slope of Mount Rajata and home to most of the island's population.

Points of Interest

Circa 2867 (see The Sentinels of Silubria).

Divided into boroughs, each of which has its subculture.

North: Argentum Foothills

Argentum Foothills is the northernmost borough of Sarapum, which houses the palace, arena, and various upscale neighborhoods.

  • Oldest borough, the city grew out from here
  • Guarded gated suburbs
  • From the city center to the palace walls
  • Administrators, palace workers
  • Places:
    • Soaked Serpent: A very upscale tavern - 4x prices
      • Operator: Jessom of Galla, male Half-Elf
    • Grammaire: A shop carrying magical items - requires an invitation
      • Operator: Taliah Minasyah, female Elf
  • Royal Palace
    • Royal Temple of Urlac
      • On the palace grounds
      • Largest in the country
    • Arena
      • Built into the hillside
      • Attached to the palace
    • Guard barracks
    • Stables
    • Armory

Center: Purana Silubria

The site of the original settlement, now home to stores, inns, and parks.

  • Taverns:
    • The Silver Cup: three stories high, most popular joint
      • Operator: Ji'Na Pa'ella, a 200 year old Tortle
      • Sports-bar-like, dedicated to the Sentinels Games
      • Betting on teams is done here
      • 3rd floor is the VIP area
      • The ONLY place in Sarapum that broadcasts the games via magic eye
      • If they visit, they will be swarmed by fans until they can go to the VIP lounge
    • The Millstone: upscale place dedicated to selling whiskey
      • Operator: Pollinus Jones, Human Male, 46 years old
      • Whiskey: "Millstone Malt" aged in silver barrels
      • They brew whiskey here and sell it at a bar
    • The Lovely Lounge: live music, like a jazz club
      • Operator: Kitty Harker, Human Female, 51 years old
      • Drugs, prostitutes, and live music
      • Kitty can hook you up
  • Inns:
    • The Soul Inn: Sarapum's sole inn, operates like a sleezy motel
      • Operator: Bernardo de Quarez
      • Since Sarapum doesn't allow for tourists, there's not much need for inns.
      • Most who stay here are local travelers or dog-housed partners
      • Also, those who need a place to cheat on their partners
      • Rooms charged by the hour: 1 sp
  • Magic Shops:
    • Components, staves, accessoiries
    • Potion maker
    • Scrolls, books
    • Specialty items
  • Stables:
    • Cheap horses
    • Good horses

East: Araja

Araja is the easternmost borough of Sarapum and home to many working-class and low-income families.

  • Abandoned Eastern Temple of Urlac
    • Hiding place of the Cult of Primani (subterranean)
  • Working-class and middle-class neighborhoods
  • Easter-most: slums towards the hills and into the wilderness