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πŸ” Malachi Medeid


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

Malachi is the husband of πŸ” Sophia Medeid and father of Tiran Medeid. He's also a high level wizard.

He speaks with a different accent than Tiran and Sophia.


Born in TaΓ―ni, but eventually moved to Korbantir where he met and married πŸ” Sophia Medeid.

Situational Background

After learning about the disaster in Cauldin's Point, knowing that their son was there, they immediately left home to go look for him and Gadot J'Dogeaux. Much like the others, they also found that Tiran and Gadot were missing, presumed dead.

When they met and spoke with πŸ” Weslan Stillwater, the camp's leader, they realized that they both knew πŸ” Phillipe J'Dogeaux, and that he should have been back by now.

They decided that Sophia could stay here and Malachi should go look for his friend, Phillipe in Marram. Though well traveled, Malachi was hesitant to leave on this dangerous quest alone. But he eventually agreed once Weslan convinced πŸ” Chickadee of the Two Rivers to guide him there since she was headed home anyway with Dauriel Aldarion, her employer, still missing.

Current Situation

  • Did he make it to Marram with Chickadee?
  • Where is he?