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Slay, Inc. Session 2

Date: May 19th, 2022 @ 21:00 CT

Audio: MP3 (2h29m)


Lyle Greenleaf arrived at Arjuna seaport without Braggish, who had fallen overboard during a storm the night before. After a moment of mourning, you headed out towards the royal palace in Sarapum, the capital city.

You traveled all night but slept comfortably in the luxurious coach that transported you there. While traveling through the city, Archibald noticed that the temples in the city were devoted to Urlac, the god of war. Not the majority of religious buildings, but every single one of them.

Finally, you made it to the palace, where you were led down the main hallway into the throneroom and caught a glimpse of King Gajarta and his two wives before you were whisked away into a small office. Here, you met Yil Romka, advisor to the king, court wizard, man-bun wearer, owner of a creepy staff, and overall just a chill dude.

You signed a few more contracts before heading to your private locker room. A corridor lined with doors tagged with various names led you there. While Yil Romka showed you around your locker room, Kheyt indicated to Sir Reginald to check out one of the other doors labeled with the text Bunch of Goblins, but Yil caught him as he tried to exit the room and asked you to close the door.

Yil laid down the deets of your expected service. A shimmering blue portal would show up if a job required your attention, and once completed, another portal would appear to return you. Lyle asked if the job's specifics would be apparent before the portal appeared, but Yil told you that it's more of an emergency-type system, so there wouldn't be time for a briefing. After a few dodged questions, Yil left you in your locker room.

Lyle cast Detect Magic and found a few magical items. The unopenable door to the locker room, a carving of a small eyeball on its ceiling, and Lyle found some Potions of Healing in a cabinet.

Spinny knocked on the door as Yil had suggested, and immediately, a Gnome opened the door and took your orders. After placing a substantial order, which not only included food and drink but also painted portraits, a shimmering blue portal appeared. After an inspiring pep talk by Kheyt, you went through the portal.

You end up in a dark and dank cave and follow a narrow passage after lighting up the place. Carved into the cavern's wall, Lyle spotted the same eye symbol and suspected someone was watching them. Following the passageway, eventually, you found a pile of bones from which two animated skeletons rose to attack you. After easily defeating them, Sir Reginald searched the bone pile and found a few metal bangles identical to the ones you're wearing around your wrists and a healing potion.

Spinny, continuing down the cave system, found many more bone piles and caught a glimpse of two small creatures in another room down a dark hallway. Steadfast, you entered the bone pile blocking the hallway, and another skeleton rose from it. It shrieked loudly, causing more skeletons to rise from nearby piles, including a massive Minotaur skeleton that instantly knocked out Archibald.

The battle was long, but successful, and everyone managed to survive. Having depleted some resources, you decided to take a short rest to recover your stamina.

And that's where we left off.