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🔐 Plan: Session 18


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

Recap: Session 17

Tiran fact.

Open with a flashback to Deuce's character.

After the flashback, the gang sees Sebastian ride into the Survivors' Camp.

Transition to 🔐 Wolf's House

Sebastian's Flashback

We focus on a memory formed months ago, far east of Korbantir. We follow it back across the Sea of Korban, through the jungles of Rivoni, where it bridges the cruel desert known as The Passage.

Here the memory anchors firmly in the busy oasis city of Ganaroum Bak, built into the colossal sun-bleached bones of Gruumsh, the fallen god of the Orcs. The rememberer strides on horseback between giant rib bones into which the citizens carved their myriad dwellings. Randomly placed market stalls and innumerable people slow the horse down to a walk. High above, climbing the protruding ribs, city workers span large sheets of red fabric to provide much-needed shade from the relentless sun.

Woven into the crowd are dozens of Orcs on a pilgrimage to collect chips of holy bone -- proof that their god once walked with them in this world. The once fearsome race now roams the continent in search of a sign of better days.

Outside of the city's bustle, the rememberer traverses the wilderness along the shores of the oasis. He sees the Spear of Gruumsh standing tall at the lake's center - its Age-old untarnished tip glints hundreds of feet above the desert floor. Still tightly gripping the spear's shaft is the hollowed-out skeletal hand of Gruumsh, which now serves as the walls of the ruler's palace.

Finally, he remembers the doorstep through which he set out on his adventure months ago and the strange events leading up to his departure. He remembers the tea he drank on the floor of his parent's home as his long-lost uncle Malachi told him a tale that would seal his fate. He remembers his parents' heartsick faces when they realized that he would be leaving them.

Sebastian Intro

Mike, would you describe your character?

  • Uncle Malachi
    • The man in the backroom is important where he's from
    • Sebastian remembers that he's missing both legs, one arm, and most of his body covered in black stone
    • Malachi must continue onward and bring this man further east
    • The less Sebastian and his parents know, the better
    • Having this man in their home is dangerous
    • He tasks Sebastian with finding his cousin, Tiran, in Cauldin's Point, Korbantir
    • Gives a letter to him to hand to his wife, Sophia
  • From the backroom through a crack in the door
    • A voice, coughing, rasping
    • "Make sure that he brings Paxalon!"

But that was months ago, and the memory fades as a new scene unveils itself before your eyes. You see what once was the town of Cauldin's Point, now reduced to a hole in the ground and slowly filling with water. Distantly, beyond the massive crater, you see the outlines of hundreds of tents. What do you do?

Cauldin's Point

  • Sah-Sauj wants to buy stuff at the stables

Make Sebastian and the gang meet somehow.