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🔐 Plan: Session 28


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

  • Recap
  • New interview format: Pasha

Clank's Signal

DC 15 Perception will reveal a fast-moving star across the sky. When it passes, the antenna will retract and it will face Tiran.

Clank will say that he made brief contact with a global positioning system satellite and received new telemetry.

Tiran, I have received new telemetry. Do you wish to wish to hear a summary?

The satellite confirms that we are no longer on Earth. Our current location is UNKNOWN. Tiran, I have instructed the satellite to scan for radio signals and began broadcasting an emergency radio signal containing our position relative to the planet's magnetic poles on the planet's surface. The satellite will return with an update in approximately 23 hours and 55 minutes. End of summary.

Tiran's Wound

After being badly damaged while being petrified, Tiran's left arm is not healing right. The wound doesn't close entirely, even with magical help. It leaves a deep fleshy scar that oozes a pale yellow pus when it rains.

Pig Fed

In the morning, it's raining. Tiran's wound will hurt.

Garacan serves breakfast to everyone and says that he has taken care of the girl's corpse. He will say that he buried it in the family's plot.

A DC 15 Insight will reveal that this is a lie.

On the way to the stables, the pigs can be seen chewing on a piece of fabric. A DC 13 intelligence check will reveal that this is the same fabric as the girl's dress.

Catching Up with Tino

(Day 7 of travel)

The gang arrives at Korban's memorial in Korban's Ruin.

The Memorial

The memorial is a weather-worn stone statue of a person on their knees, clutching their chest. It's unclear why they are clutching their chest since millennia of weather have washed away most of its features.

A DC 15 investigation check reveals that there's a faint engraving in Old Common (the word Amalchi is scratched out, but still legible):

Son of Bhreia.
Our nation's father, slayer of Amalchi.
His sacrifice is salvation.

The statue and plaque are approximately 2000 years old (history check).


The same check if over 12 will reveal that there's a corpse behind the statue. It's that of Tino Block, the person who wanted the gang to steal a crate full of healing potions a few days ago. They are dead, succumbed to their sickness, likely only a few hours.

Their eyes are open and their face is in an expression of both pain and exhaustion. In their hands is the box that Sah-Sauj wanted so badly. Due to rigor mortis, a DC 13 STR check will be required to pry the box loose.