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Session 35

Date: January 3, 2024

  • They surrounded Gigglemug's
  • Chickadee climbs down the building and meets Sebastian
  • Gadot jumps down, they all run off
  • they go to caravan inn
  • Gadot smells them out and they meet back up
  • Chickadee seemed to be sobering up, regrets her rash decisions
  • Tells you that the plan was that Callum would die of a potion
  • They would run off after he's reawaken in the tomb
  • You plan to go to investigate
  • Tiran cuts off Wolf's beard
  • decide to go back to Gigglemugs, get a lawyer for Tom, and investigate the alley where Chickadee and Callum bought the potion
  • Tiran, in disguise, visited Gigglemugs and chatted with the bored attendant there
  • After some bribes, he told Tiran that an elderly man with black hair, a long beard, and black robes had delivered the note to Callum the night before
  • He looked and smelled like a nerd
  • On the way to find a lawyer for Tom, you stopped at the Temple of Dhoutr
  • Pasha showed Tiran that the outfits of the priests matched the description given to him
  • Sah-Sauj, interested in the shiny portal, decided to go and touch one
  • Wolf was walking nearby and noticed his friends on the other side of the Temple grounds
  • When Sah-Sauj entered the portal, a massive explosion shook the world
  • Followed by a sphere of blue crackling energy that consumed everyone and everything near the Temple
  • Sah-Sauj found himself in a black void, with the corpse of Bhreia's fetal form dying in his backpack
  • Brother's voice rang out in the darkness. It said, "Thank You."
  • After being spat out by a portal the rest of you arrived in a strange landscape full of rocks and mushrooms