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Mike Truk

Mike Truk

A sketch of Mike Truk.

Mike Truk is a homeless boy of around 11 years of age, living in and around Cauldin's Point.


  • Thick curly brown hair
  • Has a gap between his two front teeth
  • Dirty face and clothes
  • Almost 5 feet tall
  • Wears an old captain's hat that he found
  • His coat is adult sized and he swims in it
DM: Supplemental Facts

Will attempt to pickpocket any of the adventurers if they stroll through the town's market square.

If he feels like someone is an easy target, he will try to take them to a cave north of town where his friends lie in wait, ready to ambush the target.


His mother died before he could form memories of her and he was raised by his older brother, Anthony, in the slums of Cauldin's Point where they had to steal to get by. His brother died last year and he's been surviving with his three friends since. Oona, a Half-Elf girl of 14, and Hurq, a 10 year old Half-Orc. They share a cave in the hills north of town and hang out by the northern slums, near the wooden walls.

A chance encounter with Mike in town will immediately kick off 🔐 The Cave.

DM: Stats

Moreus is a Commoner, but carries a dagger instead of a club.


  • A dirty captain's hat
  • A single golden earring
  • 8 cp
  • 1 sp
  • A handful of twine