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A sketch of Trashbeak pulling his cart.

A Kenku inhabitant of Cauldin's Point who is responsible for (or at least has started to on his own) collecting trash in town.

DM: Supplemental Facts


Trashbeak knows the following phrases:

  • "I don't think so" - Junior Feldspar
  • "Yeah, sure" - Mike Truk
  • "Just give him your trash" - Rhea Feldspar
  • "He's harmless" - Oona
  • "I'm hungry" - Hurq
  • "I think he tastes like chicken" - Hurq
  • "Damn bird, get out of here!" - Junior Feldspar
  • "Hey, Trashbeak!" - Mike Truk
  • "Trashbeak likes trash" - Mike Truk
  • "Don't come onto my property again, do you understand?" - Dauriel
  • "Put it in his trash pit, nobody will find it" - Rhea Feldspar
  • "Wait, is that fucking bird listening to us?" - Rhea Feldspar

The Hoard

Trashbeak takes the trash put out on the streets in his pull cart and brings it to his enormous trash pit, which is his horde. He's extremely protective of this and does not like anyone entering or messing with his collection of trash.

The group must make a DC 14 Stealth check to prevent getting spotted by Trashbeak.

The pit is located in the ancient forest southwest of town and with some extensive searching, some interesting items can be found there (Investigation Check DCs listed below):

  • (15) A Bag of Holding filled with human bones hidden under a rock mixed in with the trash:
    • The bones belong to the blood sacrifices made by the 🔐 Cult of Amalchi
    • The bones are a variety of old and new bones
  • (13) A Pole of Collapsing (Witchlight pg. 212)
  • (10) An Orb of Direction (Witchlight pg. 212)
  • (12) A vial of Lesser Grungine
  • (7) A Rusted Shortsword same stats as a regular shortsword, but must make a DC 15 Dexterity Saving throw after each use to prevent it from disintegrating.