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Adventure Ideas


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

The timing is relative to the year 3080.

  1. Contemporary: Find the cause of the cursed region spanning The Pale Barrens and the source of the massive column of blue light that appeared there 18 years ago.
  2. Contemporary: Explorers have spotted a distant city while braving the Rotten Tundra in the Southern Untamed Wilderness decades ago. However, the environment was too harsh for them to continue closer. Were they suffering from a mass delusion, or is there something in the frozen wilderness? You're part of an expedition to find out.
  3. Contemporary: You're a Leonin freedom fighter in Rivoni, and Humans have desecrated your ancestral lands for far too long. Your leader believes they have devised a solution to solve this problem once and for all.
  4. Contemporary: The Abta Hatti Empire never foregoes an opportunity to expand its reach. Lately, there have been rumors of lands beyond Melora's Grasp. Strange items washed up, seemingly ancient yet alien to our lands. Navigate your fleet of three ships across the uncharted ocean and bring honor to the Empire.
  5. Contemporary: Dual Sound Bluff seems to sing when the wind hits the sheared rock faces just right. However, that doesn't explain the sightings of two women in soaked white dresses chanting out to the open sea.
  6. Contemporary: Ejol's Emporium in Freeport sells obscure magical curios for the buyer of independent means. A mysterious order has arrived with instructions to collect something challenging that will fetch a high price. As its employees, it's your job to keep Ejol happy. Go fetch.
  7. Historical (2208 - 3rd Age - 800 years ago), Humans only: Korban has poisoned our pure Human society with Elven ideas for far too long. They even named our damned country after him. No, this insanity has to stop. He's traveling East along the Long Road in a few days. The time to strike is now.
  8. Historical (3062 - 4th Age - 18 years ago), Aldarion Unlimited only: A note, written hastily and addressed to you: "Commander, the doors to the Sunken Temple are laid bare in the rock face exactly where you predicted them to be! My troops are awaiting your arrival in The Pale Barrens. Sail clear of the Finippicayan isles, and please bring company soldiers."
  9. Historical (2994 - 3rd Age - 86 years ago), Dwarves Only: The city of Calak in Mornovor was overrun by the fledgling Abta Hatti Empire. According to reports, no harm fell to its civilian population during this foreign takeover, but this can't be true. Infiltrate the lost Dwarven city and execute your cloak and dagger orders.
  10. Historical (2633 - 3rd Age - 447 years ago), Orcs Only, Combat: Gruumsh did not sacrifice himself for his lands to be infested with parasites. Lay siege to Freeport and restore Orcish glory.
  11. Historical (3059 - 4th Age - 21 years ago): The Abta Hatti Empire cannot condone genocide. Neither inside its borders nor outside. It also cannot afford another war, but Rivoni's treatment of Leonin cannot stand. You have orders from the Emperor himself to assassinate Yoran Den Raloff, husband of Queen Baris. Find a way to do it without incriminating the Empire, but make it sting.
  12. Contemporary: Deep within the tropical jungles of Basha, hundreds of miles from the nearest body of water, the wreck of the long-lost ship The Furious Frenzy lies undisturbed, rotting, and waiting. Rumors of the ship's golden cargo spurred dozens of ill-fated adventurers to seek it out. None have returned. Maybe your party will fare better.
  13. Contemporary: The mayor of a small, failing, island community requires the help of adventurers to locate the legendary treasure hoard of an infamous pirate.