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Session 1: Arrival

Date: November 1st, 2021 @ 21:00 CT

Audio: MP3


Wolf picked up Sah-Sauj on his way up to Cauldin's Point where they were waylaid by two highwaymen. They avoided a fight by relenting to their assailers who took two boxes of Wolf's cigars and went on their way.

Meanwhile, a storm rolled in and a nearby lightning strike caused Tiran's horse to go haywire, throwing him, his friend Gadot, and his cargo off the wagon. The horse ran off into the distance, leaving the two to move their cargo off the road and take shelter from the storm.

Wolf and Sah-Sauj arrived at Jonah's Denn during the height of this storm and found Tiran's horse hiding under the building's overhang. They stabled both their own animal and the horse and made their way inside. Upon showing their invitations, they were escorted to a private room where they rested.

The storm petered out, and after hiding their cargo under camouflage of bushes, Tiran and Gadot set out on the road to Cauldin's Point. They also arrived at Jonah's Denn where they met up with Wolf and Sah-Sauj in the private room after also displaying their invitations to the innkeep.

While they were all present in the room, a half-goat-half-man bard entered and sang them a strange song. Though, after the song finished, the bard disappeared into thin air, along with the door he entered the room through.

Tiran, upon finding out that Sah-Sauj had found his horse, together with Gadot, mounted their horse and set out to collect their cargo. They did so successfully, and after a few hours made their way back to the inn where they set off to their bed chambers.

It is here that the game ends, right before they set off for bed. Wolf and Sah-Sauj are still in the private room, enjoying the free food and drink.

DM: Touch Points
  • Tiran's maternal grandfather's smithy
  • The name on the invitation that Sah-Sauj stole is 🔐 Phidippus (the same wizard)
DM: Campaign Opening Blurb

Actions have consequences.
Though, for the gods, these consequences are often felt most by those below them.
Bhreia fractured 1000 years ago due to one of these consequences, initiating an Age of war.
What remains of her is only held together by the final thread of her strength.
Through this all, Korbantir remained steadfast and intact.
Untouched by wars, neutral in its position, and a haven for all.
But, this Age is young and remains undefined.
How long until another action yields inevitable consequences?

DM: Wolf & Sah-Sauj

Scene 1, focus on Wolf, meeting Sah-Sauj Cho'Ixo. Traveling westward to Cauldin's Point from Korban's Ruin with a wagon full of cigars for Dauriel, Wolf is on his way to deliver his cargo and attend the party himself.

Wolf Intro

Somewhere in this pristine country, emerging from the remnants of a primeval forest.
Another traveler leaves their mark on a dirt road worn hollow by untold cartwheels and tired feet.

Ambling along the road, a giant goat pulls a wagon laden with wooden crates. She looks to the sky and bleats nervously, noticing dark clouds looming on the horizon.

A short figure perches atop the wagon and gently tugs her reins in a calming gesture.
Nate, would you describe your character?

  • The clouds are moving in fast.
  • First drops.
  • Some more traveling until he comes along a strange figure walking along the side of the road, Sah-Sauj.
    • Describe character
  • Give a ride?

A few more minutes of traveling.

  • Not much further down the road, two highwaymen waylay Wolf.
    • The men:
    • They cut down a tree, blocking the road, see: Barry Lyndon's robbery
    • "How do you do?"
    • "In my profession we hear many such stories. Yours is one of the most intriguing and touching I have heard in many weeks."
    • They don't want combat, just the wares.
    • But they will attack if the wares aren't given.
  • Rain will begin pouring down. A storm.
  • If he hasn't given Sah-Sauj a lift, he catches up soon.
  • After the encounter, they continue traveling towards Cauldin's Point.
DM: Tiran & Gadot

The storm is in full effect as Tiran Medeid is introduced.

Tiran & Gadot Intro

The road had its fill of rain, but the sky is relentless.
Here, west of Cauldin's Point, nobody in their right mind would brave the road, which has turned into a stream of ankle-deep mud.

Yet, two friends brave this weather while their horse desperately pulls a cart towards town.
Just a few more miles, half an hour at most. Probably.

Mike & Joel character descriptions.

Tiran & Gadot Intro -- Continued


Lightning strikes a nearby tree, the horse is frenzied.
It squeals and bucks; the cart topples; cargo goes flying.

  • DC 15 DEX saving throw to prevent sailing head-first into the mud.
  • The tree smolders before the rain snuffs it out.
  • The horse takes off. What to do with the cargo and cart?
  • Jonah's Denn can be reached by foot.
  • The horse is there, hiding under the building's overhang.
  • Its leg is hurt, it's limping.
  • Maybe: from the direction of town, Wolf can be seen approaching.