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Session 7: The Party

Date: 2011-12-17 @ 9:00 PM CT

Audio: MP3


On deciding to spend the night in the woods, Wolf encountered a scarred woman, holding a child in her arms who wanted to warm around his campfire. He noticed her child was made of soil. She offered for him to hold it, but he didn't. Looking up into the sky, he noticed that all of the five moons were together in the sky simultaneously, which normally never happens, and moving closer together. As they coalesced into a single bright moon, night turned into day. The woman said "I believe he is here," and as Wolf looked down, she was gone, leaving nothing behind but a few crumbs of soil at the fire. And slowly, night returned.

Meanwhile, Gadot was enjoying a restful sleep and dreamed about flying through a daytime sky, high over a dense canopy formed by the many crowns of trees. He slowly descended until he found himself flying through a jungle with ancient trees, gullies, creeks and the fresh smell of new rain. Eventually, he floated along a well-worn path through the forest, until he reached a cliff where he continued to soar along its edge. That is, until he reached a person kneeling at the edge. The person turned around and Gadot saw that it was his father, Phillipe. Phillipe startled when he noticed Gadot behind him, but smiled when he recognized his son. He stood up, and threw himself down the cliff. Gadot followed him down this cliff, flying as fast as he could, pierced through clouds below, only to find himself back in the sky high above the tree canopy and Phillipe was nowhere to be seen.

Sah-Sauj dreams of a bright, flashing, light blue light and a voice that said "you will know me when you see me." He woke up for a moment, noticed the five moons, and went back to sleep.

Pasha had an uninterrupted night, but was greeted in the morning by a knocking on the door. Junior brought Hurq to his room, whose dirty face was trailed with tears. He said that his buddy Mike wouldn't wake up, no matter how he tried. Pasha told him to stay in his room and while he woke the rest of the gang. Hurq told them that after Oona gave him and Mike "sleeping tea," she wasn't there when he woke up in the morning. Also, all of the Grungs they caught were suspiciously missing.

After some shenanigans, everyone headed back up to the boys' cave and found Mike close to death. Sah-Sauj stabilizes him with a spell, but he doesn't wake up. Through the use of some magic, Wolf is able to detect that Mike has been poisoned. Everyone except Tiran and the kids go to town to try and find an herbalist to try and cure this poisoning.

In town, everyone goes their separate way and asks around for the herbalist or someone who knows how to handle a Grunge overdose. Everyone is lead to the temple of Primani, and specifically 🔐 Londrina, a Dragonborn priestess. While reluctant to help out at first, upon hearing a child is in danger of dying, she gives Sah-Sauj the antidote.

Arriving back at the cave, Sah-Sauj immediately administers the antidote and Mike seems to slowly stabilize, but remains unconscious. Knowing that Mike will recover, and that they have nobody to take care of them, you set out to go find a home for them.

After lots of asking around, you find some leads to home (slash put into labor) these kids and head off to Dauriel's Party.

Borlok greets everyone inside where you find the ballroom filled with guests having a good time drinking, smoking, eating, and chatting it up. After a while of enjoying yourselves, Moreus appears and makes a speech to his husband. He congratulates him and laments the fact that Dauriel can no longer adventure. But, he says, he found a way to allow him to do so again, together, as an adventuring power-couple.

From behind his back, he reveals a light blue orb in his hand, which he immediately crushes, sending energy swirling into the ballroom. Windows smash, the ground shakes, strange noises are heard, and Dauriel is severely wounded by one of the energy tendrils. Moreus keels over, but hovers inches above the ground and begins floating out of the room, carried by the blue energy. The crowd flees and scatters out out the ballroom.

Borlok and Wolf carry the unconscious Dauriel and lays him on a couch in the drawing room. His chest is encrusted with obsidian, cut where the tendril slashed him. Drunk Sah-Sauj remembers that in his dream, he saw the same blue light as in the orb that Moreus crushed, but doesn't know what it means. He attempts to stabilize Dauriel, who wakes up for a moment and warns them not to let Moreus descend before passing out again.

DM: Wolf's Event

Wolf meditates in the forest at night

  • Spends a long rest in the wilderness and gets his spells
  • A cold fog comes in
  • Communing with nature
  • Bhreia physically visits him
    • Doesn't tell him who she is
    • Carries a child in a sling
    • Wolf can see that the child is shapeless mass of soil
    • "Waiting on my brother," she tells him
    • Touches his shoulder
    • Grants him the spells through touch, doesn't tell him
    • She points out that the fog is breaking and points up
    • The five moons align and become so bright that it seems like day for a moment.
    • She's gone when he looks back.
DM: Sah-Sauj's Event

(Maybe) Sah-Sauj dreams of brother, he says:

  • "I'm nearby"
  • Light blue flashes
  • "Help me"
  • "You will know me when you see me"
DM: Tiran's Event

Tiran: His sword wants blood

  • Liked carving through the Macoyii
  • Needs blood on a daily basis
  • Note sent in PM below
DM: Gadot's Event
  • Dreams
  • Fly over a canopy of dense foliage
  • Between trees, some as wide as a house
  • Over creeks and gullies
  • It smells like fresh rain
  • Find a narrow pathway worn and snaking through the forest floor
  • Follow it
  • Until he sees the back of a person kneeling
  • Looking over the edge of a cliff
  • He looks over his shoulder
  • It's Phillipe, his father
  • He smiles at him, stands up
  • Jumps off
  • Wake up
DM: Pasha's Event (Morning)
  • Junior knocks on his door, he's brought Hurq
  • Hurq says "since you said you'd help us," ...
  • Oona is gone, hasn't shown up.
  • Mike hasn't woken up yet.
    • 50/50 live or die
    • If he lives, he could recognize Rhea
  • The grungs are all gone too.
  • Oona gave them their sleeping tea
  • He's not feeling good (addicted)
DM: Oona and Yanneck

Oona and her father can be found getting ready to leave town

  • Junior will know where her father (Yanneck) resides
    • A tent in the south slums, in and around it:
      • Small cart containing grungs
      • A donkey named Wynona pulls it
      • 8gp, 15sp, 30cp
      • A small written ledger containing transactions
        • Phidippus is consistently buying
    • Yanneck won't give up and will fight if they try to stop him
    • BATTLE
      • Yes, win: Oona will offer Hurq to travel with her, leave this shitty town
      • No, or lose: they will leave
DM: Touch Points
  • Go to the party
  • Phidippus is in town somewhere
    • Will he show up at the party? And why?
Handout: Note to Tiran

While you're spending time with your sword, you notice that while cleaning the Macoyii's blood off, the sword seems to absorb it. As it does, it seems to glisten and you hear a directionless voice speak to you in a deep whisper:

"The blood. More. Defiler of my grave, cursed creature, I must have more blood."

The sword is clean and has absorbed all of the blood that was left on it.