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🔐 The Mansion


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

Located about half a mile north-east of Cauldin's Point.


The following people are always present in the mansion.

  • Dauriel Aldarion
  • Moreus
  • 🔐 Borlok Orsel
  • Labasque Pertre
    • Chef, a great one
    • Human male from Parlina
    • Drinks on the job
    • French accent
    • Real identity
      • Larry Pert
      • Human male from Donitar
      • Fakes his background. Now knows that Dauriel wouldn't have cared, but he's in too deep to drop the accent. Dauriel is no idiot and has figured this out years ago.
  • Chickadee (Chickadee of the Two Rivers)
    • Housekeeper
    • Tabaxi female from Marram
    • Silently hates Aldarion Unlimited
    • Chickadee was hired before AU began hunting Tabaxi in her home country and knows that Dauriel wasn't involved. However, she hates that he isn't doing anything about it (that she knows of).



  • Surrounded by a tall hedge row all around - for privacy
  • Pieces of broken marble ruin protrude the yard

West Garden (approach/path)

  • Fruit trees line the path leading out of town to the front door
  • A small ornamental fountain stands in the square opposite the front door

East Garden (main)

  • A large pond stocked with ornamental fish


Ground Floor

Rough Plan Sketch

A quick sketch of the mansion's ground floor plan.


Location: entire southern wall.

Used to germinate seeds and overwinter existing plants, also serves as a sun room for drinking tea and entertaining guests. The room is slightly lower than the rest of the house by about two feet and feels like an addition.


  • 2 large tables at either side
    • surrounded by wicker lounge chairs, facing the windows
  • A tea set
  • A book on the table with a half-drunk cup of tea: "Aldarion Unlimited: Adventurers or Colonizers?"
  • A small metal watering can
  • A statue of Melora and Primani holding hands with flowering vines growing over it.


Location: South-West

Used for official business, close to the front-door and lobby.


  • A monstrously large wooden desk with a large executive type leather chair behind it
  • Two smaller leather chairs on the guest side of the desk
  • A large painting of the Aldarion Adventurers hangs on the eastern wall
  • A body-sized mirror on the northern wall
    • If the players look in it, they see the ghost of a woman tidy their clothes and fix up their appearance. Though the ghost is not visible in the room, the effects of her behavior are real and they can feel her. The ghost is bound to the mirror. Not saying "thank you" will cause the ghost to scratch the player with her fingernails for 1 point of slashing damage.


Location: West

The front door leads into the lobby, which hosts a large stair case leading to the second floor. A bathroom is available for guests under the staircase.


  • An antique vase on a pedestal on either side of the front door
  • An intricate red woven rug covering the entryway
  • A coat stand

Dining Room

Location: East

Has French double doors leading out to the gardens behind the main house. A huge dining table stands prominently at its center.


  • An enormous dining table cut from a single piece of ancient lumber
    • 26 chairs (1 head, 12 left, 12 right, 1 foot)
    • 26 candle sticks, 1 for each place
    • Silverware and plates for each place
  • A small table in the north-east corner with:
    • A whiskey decanter
    • A few tumblers
    • A box with cigars
  • A dozen or so marble busts depicting various deities
  • Three golden chandeliers hanging above the table
  • Many paintings on the walls displaying landscapes and scenes from history


Location: north-east

Indirectly attached to the dining room via a butler's pantry and a short hallway. A door leads outside to an outdoor fenced-in laundry with a storage shed. This area also leads to the stables and a receiving area for the kitchen and servants. There's a small staircase that leads upstairs to the servant quarters.


Location: most of the northern wall

The room hosts two double French doors leading out onto a patio. Along its southern wall is a long, fully stocked bar. The room is empty in its center, for dancing, and placed along the walls are fancy upholstered chairs.


Location: south, north of the conservatory

A large two-story library bisected by a knee wall that also serves as a trophy room. There's a metal coiled staircase that leads to the second floor portion of the library.


  • A massive amount of books (see: Random Books)
  • A large painting displaying the initial formation of Aldarion Unlimited
  • Trophies
    • A stuffed owlbear on a pedestal, parts of it encrusted with obsidian.
    • The tooth of a dragon, prominently displayed in a glass case
    • A broken longsword in a glass display case
    • A large vertical display case containing various magical foci that belonged to defeated magic users.
    • A mannequin displaying a bloodstained blue robe and a wizard's hat, also blue but adorned with yellow stars and a crescent moon (Yen Sid)

Drawing Room

Location: north-west

A room specifically for entertaining guests.


  • 7 comfortable chairs surrounding
  • A round coffee table
  • Various paintings hang on the walls
  • A gilded harp is placed along the southern wall


  • A small, triangular room serving as a hallway connecting the conservatory and the office directly.
  • A walk-in storage closet used for various knick-knacks.
  • A staircase behind a door and under the main staircase, accessible from the dining room, which leads to the basement.

Second Floor

  • A master bedroom
    • A private bathroom
  • 6 guest bedrooms
  • A shared guest bathroom
  • A large linnen closet
  • An entry to the second floor of the library
  • A staircase leading the attic
  • A smaller staircase leading down into the kitchen


The entire attic is Dauriel's private study - the office downstairs is simply to conduct business. The place is a mess. There are books, scrolls, and papers everywhere. A large dome is in the center of the room containing a large brass telescope. The dome can rotate and open up to reveal the night sky for observation.

  • A large brass telescope
  • Many drawings of celestial bodies and their movements
  • Little bottles containing mystery fluids
  • A modest desk
    • A desk chair
    • A drawer containing keys
    • A drawer containing writing implements
    • A drawer containing medical equipment to draw blood
    • A locked drawer containing the original handwritten manuscript to "Aldarion Unlimited: Adventurers or Colonizers?"


  • A wine cellar containing an enormous collection of vintage wines
  • A storage room with various house items
  • Another locked storage room with lesser trophies, aging and rusted
  • A mysterious round door, sealed with a steel bar