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Gadot J'Dogeaux

Gadot J'Dogeaux

Gadot's token in Foundry.

Campaign: Braving Bhreia

Played By: Mike

Preliminary bio sent by Mike.

Came from the countryside outside Donitar (country/ city with strict caste heirarchy). Parents were servants to a noble. Owned nothing, but lived in a lavish estate, and enjoyed the benefits of living with their wealthy employer. While Gadot was still a young pup, their noble master fell out of favor with ruler and his estate was invaded at night Gadot and his father, Phillipe, escaped to Kleftmon with only the clothes on their back. Destitute and without any connections, Gadot and his father lived a hard life on the streets of Kleftmon. They survived by becoming thieves through and through. Phillipe earned a reputation for his daring and acrobatic heists. Dauriel approached him with a job offer, and Phillipe accepted.

DM: Observations
  • Likes rare sausage