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In the setting of Bhreia, Dragons are a special type of magical creature, not wholly of the material plane. They represent physical conduits between creatures borne of other planes of existence and the material plane.

More specifically, the Dragon in the material plane represents the avatar of the immaterial essence, or spirit, which inhabits it.

Dragons exclusively speak Draconic.

Stages of Life

Dragons born from the eggs of other Dragons go through specific stages in life.

Category Size Age Range
Wyrmling Medium ≀ 1 year
Juvenile Dragonβˆ— Large 2 - 5 years
Young Dragon Large 6 - 100 years
Adult Dragon Huge 101 - 500 years
Elder Dragonβˆ— Huge 500 - 800 years
Ancient Dragon Gargantuan β‰₯ 801 years


βˆ— Where Juvenile and Elder Dragons are Bhreia-specific additions meant to bridge the gap between the stages in development presented in official WotC materials.

Dragons brought into existence through through other means or inhabited by powerful deities can skip these stages altogether.

Upon Death

If a spirit embodies a Dragon, killing it will return the spirit to their own plane of existence. The slain bodies of Dragons cannot exist in the material plane and immediately begin to disintegrate.

After it has dematerialized, it leaves nothing behind but the very core of its essence; whatever grounded the spirit to the material plane. What this is depends on the deity, spirit, or type of Dragon that died. However, it is usually a totem, or symbolic representation of what it once represented.

On Dragonborn

Dragonborn, as the name of the race name implies, are descendants of true Dragons. However, the true details on which specific Dragons breathed life into their race has been lost to the ages. A common consensus exists between most scholars on the theory that Dragonborn came into existence through the combined efforts of Primani, Melora, and a third, unknown Draconic deity.

Yet, some fringe scholars believe that the Dragonborn race predates the creation of imperfect life by Primani and Melora during the second age, and rather represents an entirely separate lineage. Fewer still believe that Dragonborn were created solely by Primani late during the second age and represent the first of the monstrous races.

Dragon Variants