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Session 25

Date: Thursday, September 29, 2022 @ 9:00 PM CT

Audio: MP3 (2h 20m, 134 MB)

On his way out of town to meet up with the group, Tiran met up with Ix, the elderly Tiefling at the inn. He told him that he'll likely become the owner of the place as a trade for undoing the petrification of Garacan. He also said that once he retires from adventuring, he'll have some interesting items to sell Tiran both here in Midway as well as in Korban's Landing.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang entered the alligator farm and found several pens filled with dead gators. At the end of the line of pens stood a log cabin. Its front door swayed slowly in the breeze. Inside, its wooden floors were caked with dried blood. Sebastian climbed up a ladder into a loft where he found a carrion crawler curled up in a bed and eating the remains of a hatching dragon. When he disturbed the creature, it attacked.

Yet it was quickly dispatched.

As the battle concluded, Tiran arrived at the farm. Pasha searched the loft and found a diary detailing the boring life of a teenage girl. The last few entries mention her finding a one-eyed creature living in a cave under a dead oak tree. She became enamored by it and, in return for magical abilities, fed the creature fresh meat. The final entry mentioned bringing her parents to the creature for dinner.

It was written two days ago.

Wolf picked up the trail left behind by the crazed chicken and you all followed it until you reached what looked to be a dead oak tree. Here, you found a narrow passage leading into the earth. You traversed it until eventually, it widened up and you noticed a wounded chicken resting on a rock. Wolf snuck inside and scoped the place out. Some shapes scurried about in the shadows, but looking into a larger opening, he could see several hatching dragons and a wyrmling. He quickly returned to the group.

Sebastian mentioned that you should be able to handle those with ease, but Wolf cautioned that he didn't quite see everything.

And that's where we left off.