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Session 23

Date: Thursday, September 7, 2022 @ 9:00 PM CT

Audio: MP3 (2h 39m, 146MB)

Pasha met a new traveling companion on his way up the mountainside. A young half-elf girl named Kassie who was also on her way to the temple. After she finished asking her barrage of questions for Pasha (and securing a piggie-back ride), they instantly appeared at the temple at the summit. She jumped off Pasha's back and ran inside the building.

Pasha followed inside and the temple's doors closed behind him. In the darkness, Kassie, the new oracle, revealed visions to him about the past, the state of the present, and potential futures. His experience ended with him being brought back to the camp where Bhreia still sat waiting for him. Only a few minutes had passed while he was gone.

In the morning, Bhreia presented you all with a set of two choices to stop Amalchi. The first option was to travel Amalchi's plane of existence and seed it with life. Tiran got the sense that Bhreia was holding back some information about this option. The second option was to continue on your journey east, but receive help from Bhreia in the form of a dragon. However, much like Amalchi, this would require a period of gestation and a very specific ritual.

You all decided on the second choice.

While providing you with the details of the required ritual, Bhreia slowly transformed herself into an egg, which you stored in the back of your cart as you continued your journey east.

After a day of traveling and finding a petrified cat on the side of the road, you arrived in Midway, another small failing town in the heart of Korbantir. Sebastian secured room and board at the local inn and overheard a traveler talking about how he got chased from the swamp by a crazed chicken. Strangely, you also found chicken footprints with the petrified cat.

Meanwhile, Sah-Sauj, Pasha, and Gadot spotted a ramshackle museum owned by a young boy and decided to give it a quick tour. Inside, they found more petrified objects, including half of an alligator, a dog, the lower part of a leg, and a hatching dragon, not even halfway out of its egg.

Meanwhile, Wolf set up camp a quarter mile away from the town in the swamp. And as night fell, everyone but Wolf and Tiran stayed at the inn. Tiran at the abandoned smithy and Wolf a quarter mile away. Yet, a few hours in as the stillness of night cloaked the town, Wolf woke to the sound of clucking, moving fast towards the town. And that's where we left off.