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πŸ” Blue Skies


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

Blue Skies Banner

The current banner used in Foundry for the Blue Skies chapter, showing Amalchi in flight before the sun. This is an original piece.

This adventure is a direct follow-up to Dauriel's Mansion. The adventure starts at πŸ” Cauldin's Point Crater, then shifts to Rivoni, crosses TaΓ―ni, and concludes in Marram.

See Motivations.


As usual, the story breaks down into three distinct acts, with the second one taking the majority of the adventurers' time.

Act I

The adventurers return from their pocket dimension/inside the orb on the 7th of Lirrai, 3080, exactly a year after the events that lead to Amalchi's ascension.

Act II

The adventurers set off onto the open sea towards Rivoni Springs and leave Korbantir behind.

  • Traveling to Rivoni Springs + adventures there
    • The day and night cycle recently continued in Rivoni Springs, but restricted to a local radius of a few miles around the city.
    • As they arrive, they can see the city in darkness of night, and once within the radius, see the stars in the sky and pure darkness of night.
    • 🦁 They witness a Leonin freedom fighter attack in the harbor
    • 🦁 They witness a Leonin being captured and on the spot executed, and skinned in the street to the enjoyment of many
    • There are rumors of a large dark shape moving inside the healing springs
    • Noktus has been growing in the healing springs.
    • πŸ‰ Confrontation with Noktus, the night, and trickster in the city or by the springs.
  • Traveling to TaΓ―ni + adventures there
    • 🦁 While still in Rivoni, they are ambushed by Leonin freedom fighters in the jungles
    • πŸ‰ Confrontation with Sunuz, the sun, and fruitful one, who gives birth to many. Her ability to cause mirages and generate much heat will cause them to lose their way and become lost in the desert.


The adventurers arrive in Marram and set off to find Philippe and/or Amalchi.

  • Arriving in and traveling through Marram.
  • πŸ‰ Confrontation with Menoz, the moon, and judge.
  • Finding the dragon in Marram.
  • Finding πŸ” Phillipe J'Dogeaux and Dauriel Aldarion
  • πŸ‰ Confrontation with Eeroz, the dawn, and helper.
  • Killing the dragon.
  • Return home or another adventure.

Travel Plan to Korban's Landing

Nine days of travel, arrival on the tenth day at night:

  1. Wolf's House πŸ” Wolf's House
  2. πŸ• πŸ” Liquid Life adaptation
  3. Battle with Dagaz - Level 5 afterward
    1. Day turns to night for a while
    2. Then back to day, but it's now perpetual dawn
    3. Half-light
  4. πŸ” Hatching Bhreia and πŸ” Pasha's Path
  5. πŸ” The Swamp Witch
  6. Theophilus and his giant squid arm
  7. πŸ• Near Korban's Memorial: catch up with Tino Block
  8. πŸ” Random Encounters: Baby up a tree
  9. πŸ” Random Encounters: The Runaway Prisoner
  10. Arrival in Korban's Landing